SIS Modernization

The goal of the Student Information Modernization Project is to provide a unified, dynamic and student-centric platform that transforms how students, staff, and faculty use the information that supports the essential services and functions that facilitate student success in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. 

SIS Modernization Project Survey

Please help us by providing your feedback on the state of our current student information system.

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The current student information system, DB Brock, is a locally built legacy platform. The current SIS is a constellation of more than a dozen individual applications and databases that includes over a thousand different functional pages. Maintaining the current system beyond 2020 would require significant capital and human resources to provide any substantial improvements in functionality, stability or security. The preservation of this system could inhibit the University’s responsiveness to meet future needs and goals.

The  project goal is to create a system that:

  • Enhances student success
  • Supports equity of access and outcome
  • Is responsive to diverse user perspectives and accessibility requirements
  • Fosters collaborative innovation
  • Is aligned with research-supported best practices
  • Provides secure access to the data necessary to support strategic initiatives