Student Choice Initiative

As a result of the Divisional Court’s decision regarding the Student Choice Initiative, Brock University will be suspending opt-outs for student fees beginning in the Spring/Summer 2020 term. Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available. When registration opens for Spring/Summer courses at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, March 4, students will be required to pay all student fees.

The Ontario government’s new Student Choice Initiative allows students to choose which optional fees to pay through an “opt out” process. All students will continue to pay fees deemed compulsory because they provide essential services.

Ontario universities are committed to providing the services that will ensure our students receive a quality experience on our campuses. We are aware of the divisional court ruling related to the student choice initiative and are awaiting government response.

Essential fees are compulsory non-tuition fees that cover the cost of student supports and services relating to one of the following areas:

  • Athletics and recreation
  • Career services
  • Student buildings
  • Health and counselling
  • Academic support
  • Student ID cards
  • Student achievement and records
  • Financial aid offices
  • Campus safety programs

Brock offers extensive opportunities for you to grow and develop outside of the classroom. These activities will enhance your university experience and will allow you to engage with your campus community, explore your passions, develop leadership skills and expand your knowledge.

Non-essential fees fund these types of additional programs and supports. In most cases, you may opt out of non-essential fees prior to Sept 17, 2019 (for students registered in the Fall or Fall and Winter sessions).  For the specific opt out dates, please refer to the opt out page.

Please be sure to review all services and make an informed decision if choosing to opt out of any opportunities or services.

The best student experience

Brock University is ranked in the top three for student satisfaction in Canada by Maclean’s magazine — in large part due to the programs and supports funded by your non-essential student fees.

Learn more about your non-essential fees

BUSU Per-Credit Fees

Fee Name Amount Description
BUSU Brock Press $3.55 per credit The Brock Press is the only, official, independent student newspaper at Brock University, written and produced by students for students. It is published Tuesday during the academic year and sporadically during the summer. The Brock Press employs 20 student staff, as well as provides opportunities to volunteer and contribute throughout the year.  Delivering the best coverage of on-campus news, sports and health, arts, culture and more.  Includes HST.
BUSU Brock TV $1.37 per credit BrockTV is your student-funded and student-run online video channel dedicated to providing students with high-quality content ranging from original news, sports, entertainment, culture and arts programming and much more. We employ nearly 20 students, who who are dedicated to bringing you the content that YOU want! BrockTV produces content that you and know and love such as the Brock Bachelor, Welcome Week, Homecoming and Isaac’s Nights recaps, along with live-streaming our championship teams! Includes HST.
BUSU Clubs Levy $4.71 per credit The Clubs Levy provides funding for over 75 student-run and supported clubs and over 400 different club events, BUSU provides students with the tools and resources they need to start, manage or simply join the club of their dreams. With clubs spanning mulmultiple categories, clubs are a fantastic way for students to meet new people, explore their interests and express themselves. Includes HST.
BUSU Federal Advocacy $0.82 per credit BUSU’s Federal Advocacy Fee is used in advocating for students federally through our membership with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). CASA is a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy group and is composed of student associations from across the country, acting as a national voice for post-secondary students in Canada. Visit to learn more about the organization’s campaigns, governance and more information. Includes HST.
BUSU Green Levy $1.21 per credit The Green Levy provides funding to reduce the environmental footprint of the Students’ Union and Brock students, through efficiency improvements and student education. Several water bottle filling stations around campus, which have resulted in tens of of thousands of saved plastic water bottles, are just one example of a previous Green Levy project. Includes HST.
BUSU Oper. Fee $14.74 per credit The Brock University Students’ Union, also known simply as BUSU, works to enhance your student experience both in and out of the classroom. Led by four elected student officials, BUSU is truly student powered from top to bottom, and we represent the undergraduate voice here at Brock, and at the municipal and provincial levels. BUSU manages and runs your health and dental plan, universal transit pass, the on-campus food bank, and many more student services. BUSU also provides several opportunities to get involved on campus, including the oversight of over 100 student clubs, 200 student jobs and countless student governance and volunteer opportunities. BUSU also runs several student powered businesses with student-friendly pricing, providing on-campus alternatives for food, coffee, snacks and much more. Includes HST.
BUSU OUSA $0.71 per credit The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), is a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization that uses an evidence-based approach to lobby the provincial government on behalf of you, the students. OUSA is student-driven and advocate for affordable, accessible, accountable and high-quality post-secondary education in Ontario. BUSU uses the OUSA fee to promote a safe, sustainable, affordable and empowering academic environment. Visit to learn more about some of OUSA’s recent accomplishments and get more information. Includes HST.
BUSU WUSC Sponsorship $0.60 per credit The WUSC Student Sponsorship fee is collected and used to cover the costs of bringing a new refuge student to Brock each year, and to create the support systems to ensure their success. Includes HST.

BUSU Sessional Fees

Fee Name Amount Description
Business Student Levy Full time: $45.04
Part time: $22.52
The Business Student Levy is designed to enhance the educational experience of students within the Goodman School of Business. The fee funds eight student business clubs that represent the full student body and creates opportunities for all students to build on their leadership skills beyond the classroom. A major focus is on providing the opportunity to participate in both internal and external case competitions and conferences within each concentration. Additional services include but are not limited to the creation of Brock business cards for every student, professional headshots and discounted dry cleaning services. The resources the Business Student’s Association are able to provide utilizing this fee enrich your student experience. Includes HST.
BUSU Engagement Levy Full time: $113
Part time: $113
The Engagement Levy provides funding for events and programming for first entry Brock students, to successfully orient them with the campus and help them make new friends. These events include BadgerFest, Frost Week, Wellness, Professional Development, other weekly events and much more. First-entry students who attend and are scanned in to BUSU’s BadgerFest events, without paying at the door, will be assessed the Engagement Levy fee, regardless of their opt-out status on the Student Ancillary Fees Assessment page. Includes HST.
Day Care Fee Full time: $1.13
Part time: $1.13
A charge per registered student as per the agreement between the Brock University Students’ Union and the Rosalind Blauer Day Care Center. First priority placement is given to Undergraduate students. Includes HST.
Dental Plan Fee Full time: $109.89
Part time: $0
The Dental Plan Fee provides comprehensive dental care for all full time Brock University undergraduate students and all international undergraduate students. See the note below for more information on opting-out.
Health Insurance Full time: $147.43
Part time: $0
The Extended Health Insurance Plan provides comprehensive health care for all full time Brock University undergraduate students and all international undergraduate students. See the note below for more information on opting-out.
Fee Name Amount Description
GSA C.F.S Fee Full time: $9.67
Part time: $4.84
This fee is for membership in the Canadian Federation of Students. Formed in 1981, the federation allows a large number of student unions to pool resources and garner political clout to work on behalf of post-secondary education students in Canada, ensuring student rights and concerns are fully represented. Includes HST.
GSA Grad Health Insurance Full time: $475
Part time: $0
The Health and Dental Plan provides comprehensive Health, Vision, Dental, Travel & Accident coverage for all full time Graduate students and all international Graduate students. See the note below for more information on opting-out.
GSA Operating Full time: $27.12
Part time: $27.12
This fee grants you automatic enrollment as a full member of the Brock University Graduate Student’s Association (GSA). The GSA Operating Fund supports core GSA services, and gives you, a full member, access to opportunities not available to other members. This includes Academic Support through the Ombudsperson Office, Emergency Student Support for food insecurity, as well as socials and events that allow you to engage and network with other graduate students. In addition, the GSA Operating Fund also provides graduate student advocacy, representing YOU the students, across the university and beyond to ensure that your rights as students are upheld and your voice is heard. Do you want experiences and opportunities that will last a lifetime? The chance to meet and network with other graduate students? What about a whole lot more? Then make the most of your experience at Brock University! Support your graduate studies, and your graduate student experience, make sure you stay OPTED-IN! Includes HST.

Additional Information

Please note that the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) and Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) Health and Dental Plan is still a compulsory fee, unless you can provide proof of alternate coverage.

Learn more about opting out of the BUSU Health and Dental Plan

Learn more about opting out of the GSA Health and Dental Plan

Brock is committed to respecting an individual’s choice, which also includes respecting the privacy of the choice made. If a student chooses to opt into a particular service, their identity may be shared with that respective service provider to ensure the student has unimpeded access to the services they have supported. This disclosure may be necessary to ensure that only those who have paid for the service obtain the service. The university will not provide the student associations with a list of students who have opted out.

Learn more about protection of privacy

How to review your non-essential fees

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Log in to your student portal
  2. Click on the StudentAnciOpt link
  3. Review your fees
  4. Click the Opt Out button on the fees for which you would like to opt out
  5. You can opt in again any time before the specified opt out date
  6. Once complete, changes pending will appear on your Student Financial History and your student account will update to reflect the changes in 1-3 business days