Current students

Brock University is committed to encouraging academic excellence. The University sets aside funds to recognize our best and brightest students every year. Brock offers very competitive scholarships to entering and returning students. Please ensure you check out and apply to our OneApp to become eligible for hundreds of awards & bursaries through one application!

Brock Scholars Awards

Award renewals will be assessed after completing of each milestone 5.0 full academic degree credits, and will be based on their best 5.0 full credits. A minimum 80 per cent average  in each milestone is required to renew the award. Milestones will be assessed when students reach 5.0, 10.0, 15.0 cumulative credits.  Please see Brock Scholars Awards Renewal for complete details.

If you are pursuing an undergraduate degree and you do not hold a renewable Brock Scholars Award you are still eligible for our Returning Scholars Award based on the following criteria:

Sessional "best 4" average*Amount of award
94.0% and above$1,500
90.0% to 93.9%$1,000
85.0% to 89.9%$550
80.0% to 84.9%$350

*The sessional “best 4” average is calculated using courses from your previous Fall/Winter session. A minimum of 4.0 credits in the Fall/Winter session is required to qualify for this award.

*Co-op students will be assessed after completing each milestone of 5.0 credits, based on their “best 4.0”.  Work term additive credit courses used towards the co-op certification on the degree are excluded. Co-op students must fill out the Brock Entrance & Returning Scholars Renewal Form to ensure their file is reviewed..

Your scholarship will be applied directly to your tuition and/or residence fees. This will take place before classes begin in September, reducing the amount you owe to the University. Scholarships cannot be used for first instalments or down payments.

Brock program & course load requirements

You must be a full-time undergraduate student in the Fall/Winter terms in the year used to calculate the average and the following year to receive your scholarship. If you reduce your course load to part-time status (less than 4.0 credits in the Fall/Winter terms), move out of an undergraduate program (ie:  into Teacher Education or Graduate studies) or withdraw from the University, the value of your scholarship will be pro-rated or withdrawn. Please advise Student Accounts and Financial Aid of any change in your registration status, preferably before a change is made so we can assess the financial implications.

OSAP implications:

Please note: If you are intending to apply for OSAP for the current academic year, do not list this scholarship under “Award Income” in your OSAP application. We will report this and all other Brock-funded awards on your behalf.

2022 Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship.QR Code for 2022 Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship

In response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, on April 6, 2022, the province announced the creation of a $1.9 million Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship to support students attending Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges and universities. The scholarship will be awarded to individual students through their college or university based on merit and financial need beginning in September 2022.

Brock University will award four (four) students with an award value of $10,000.00 each.

This scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis using both academic merit, and financial need.  Priority will be given to students impacted by the Ukrainian conflict, followed by students impacted by other conflicts.   Students are required to fill out the application form, which includes a maximum 500 word personal statement outlining how the Ukrainian or other global conflict has impacted them and how the scholarship will help them meet their academic objectives.

To be eligible, students must be and remain enrolled in full-time or part-time undergraduate studies for the 2022  academic year in the FW terms and be physically present in Ontario. Recipients who withdraw, fail to complete the academic term, or are not physically in Ontario are no longer eligible for the scholarship and must return the full scholarship funds to the institution. The institution retains the option to reallocate the award to a new recipient in accordance with the guidelines. Scholarships are available in 2022 only. Funding cannot be deferred to a later academic year.  Selected recipients that receive funding through OSAP will have this award reported by Brock to OSAP.  This may change your OSAP funding eligibility for 2022.

Applications are due Friday, December 9, 2022 at 4:30 pm EST. No late applications will be accepted. Students must acknowledge the privacy terms as outlined by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Prestigious Awards:

Are you exceptional? Consider the following prestigious award:

The President’s Surgite Award is intended to recognize those students who have been outstanding in the following areas:

  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership in a student club, organization, association or team.
  • Did something exceptional that helped to advance Brock’s academic reputation.
  • Made a significant contribution to student life at Brock.
  • Provided a valuable service to Brock or the broader community.

If interested, please fill out the President’s Surgite Award Application

The Spirit of Brock Award are medals intended to recognize those students who best exemplify the spirit of Sir Isaac Brock and are presented to winners at convocation ceremonies held in spring and fall.  Students who demonstrate any one or more of the following qualities can be recommended:

  • Leadership
  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Community Involvement

Graduating students are invited to apply.  Please fill out the Spirit of Brock Award Application

The Goodman School of Business Ambassador Scholarship for those interested in acting as an information resource for Goodman students, promoting services, activities and events while building professional networks along with personal and professional development.

Returning Goodman School of Business students are invited to apply.  Please fill out the Goodman School of Business Ambassador Application