2023 Undergraduate Related Program Fees

Course audit

The charge for auditing a course is 50% of the normal course fee or the withdrawal charge at the time of the change to audit status, whichever is greater. This applies to all students including those in the flat fee system as audit courses are not for credit or able to be applied towards your program/degree.


Students 60 years of age or older by the first week of class may opt for a tuition waiver for undergraduate courses listed, excluding Faculty of Education Adult Education courses. Tuition is the only fee waived. The seniors waiver does not cover graduate courses. Audit fees are included in the waiver coverage. Those senior students opting for the waiver are still responsible for the payment of all ancillary fees, including per credit and sessional fees applicable for the course load taken. Students must contact the Brock Central to request a waiver.

Should the student not successfully complete a course or withdraws from a course, they will be required to pay the tuition or withdrawal fees.

Challenge for credit

The charge for challenging a course for credit is 50% of the year 1 UG ARTS course fee for the course.


Co-op fees

Effective 2010-11 fall and winter as approved by the Brock University Senate on March 24, 2010, co-op work terms will now be a new co-op education half credit course which will carry an applicable tuition charge. With the introduction of the new co-op credit and payable tuition, administrative fees currently tied to work terms will be eliminated.  This course structure will allow students to acquire 0.5 additive credits for these co-op specific activities.  The additive credits cannot be used to replace course work that is required for an academic degree.  They apply strictly to the requirements of obtaining a co-op certification on your degree. 

All co-op fees are non-refundable.

Entry fee$840
0N90 Professional Preparation Course$813.75
Work terms (per term)Applicable half credit fee

Nursing practicum fees 2022 (subject to change)  2023 Fees TBD

Students in the Nursing program will be assessed a practicum fee in the following manner:

This practicum fee is broken down and charged as students register in the following courses:

NUSC 1P10$14
NUSC 1F18$56
NUSC 1P30$18.50
NUSC 2P12$31
NUSC 2P16$85
NUSC 3P90$38
NUSC 3P92$9.50
NUSC 3P94$38
NUSC 4F92$26
NUSC 4F96$135
NUSC 4F98$135
NUSC 4L01$100
NUSC 4L03$30
NUSC 4L04$40
NUSC 5L0S$25