2021-2022 Graduate Tuition Fees

Graduate student tuition and fees may be assessed through your financial account and will include but may not necessarily be limited to the following basic categories.


Tuition is assessed per term at differentiated rates between:

  • First and continuing year of study
  • Programs of study and degree route
  • International (visa) students
  • International Special Programs (ISP)

Ancillary fees

Ancillary fees are assessed on a per credit and sessional basis. Most ancillary fees administered by Brock University  are mandatory and governed by an Ancillary Fee Protocol established between the university and the students’ union. The fees administered by the Graduate Students Association are established in accordance with their constitution.

Program specific fees

Program specific fees may be applicable because of the program you are enrolled in. Typical fees include internship and work placement fees.

Course specific fees

Course specific fees may be charged by the University for the reasonable cost of such things as field trips, learning material and clothing retained by the student. Please consult course descriptions to identify if course specific fees apply.

Miscellaneous or administrative fees

Miscellaneous fees or administrative fees are fees for service and may be incurred by a student as a result of a request or action.

Residence and meal plan fees

Residence and meal plan fees vary depending on the residence assigned and type of room. Meal plans are mandatory for certain residence facilities. For details consult the Residence Services website.

Tuition fees are approved by the Brock University Board of Trustees, in accordance with the tuition policy set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The fee information is provided for illustrative purposes for typical situations. The actual fees assessed may vary from these schedules.

Tuition is assessed at differentiated rates between:

MA, MSc, MBE, MS, MEd (Research Based Route)*, and PhD (Education)
For these programs, tuition fees are charged on a per term basis.  MA Linguistics International (non-direct entry) may require additional language support courses.  Please see the Other Graduate Programs Fees page for details.:

CohortMA, MSC, MBE, MS, MEd (research stream) and PhD in Arts or Science (MA LING requiring extra language support courses, please see GR other program fees)
Year 1$2,725.41$1,362.70
Year 2$2,725.41$1,362.70
Year 3$2,725.41$1,362.70
Year 4$2,725.41$1,362.70
Year 5$2,702.44$1,351.22
Year 6$2,679.67$1,339.83
Year 7$2,640.07$1,320.03
Year 8$2,575.69$1,287.84
Year 9$2,512.87$1,256.43
International students$7,834.83$3917.41
International recovery fee*$750.00$750.00
CohortPhD in Education
Year 1$2,807.19$1,403.59
Year 2$2,807.19$1,403.59
Year 3$2,807.19$1,403.59
Year 4$2,807.19$1,403.59
Year 5$2,783.53$1,391.76
Year 6$2,760.08$1,380.04
Year 7$2,719.29$1,359.64
Year 8$2,652.97$1,326.48
Year 9$2,588.27$1,294.13
International students$7,933.26$3,966.63
International recovery fee*$750.00
CohortMPK (Master of Professional Kinesiology)MPH (Master of Public Health)MAG (Master of Applied Gerontology)
Year 1$3,096.97$1,548.48$3,039.00$1,519.50$3,412.08$1,706.04
Year 2$3,096.97$1,548.48$3,039.00$1,519.50$3,412.08$1,706.04
Year 3$3,096.97$1,548.48$3,039.00$1,519.50$3,412.08$1,706.04
Year 4$3,096.97$1,548.48$3,039.00$1,519.50N/AN/A
Year 5$3,070.87$1,535.43$3,013.39$1,506.69N/AN/A
Year 6$3,044.99$1522.49$2,988.00$1,494.00N/AN/A
Year 7 N/AN/A N/AN/AN/AN/A
Year 8 N/AN/A N/AN/AN/AN/A
Year 9 N/AN/A N/AN/AN/AN/A
International students$10,620.12$5,310.06$10,620.12$5,310.06$11,822.85$5,911.43
International recovery fee*$750.00$750.00$750.00

*The Province of Ontario charges an international recovery fee to be applied to all international students at public colleges and universities. This fee will be applied once in either fall or winter term based on the term of first registration for each academic year.

MEd Note: Students admitted under the 2009/10 graduate calendar, choosing a research based route, and student admitted on a prior calendar but who have chosen to proceed in completing their degree requirements for their research based route according to the 2009/10 graduate calendar, will pay on a per term basis.

Final Stage Status Fee for MA, MSc, MBE, MEd (Research route) and PhD programs: Full-time and part-time students (domestic and (visa) international) who have completed all course work and have been approved by their graduate program for final stage status will pay $345.94 per term. Final stage status may only be awarded once and only for one term. All applicable ancillary fees apply.

MEd (Course Based Route)*, MAcc, MBA, MADS
For these programs tuition is charged on a per credit basis. Fees listed below are shown at a half credit rate. A full credit course will be charged two times the half credit rate. A quarter credit course will be charged at half the half credit rate.

CohortMAcc Degree or DiplomaMBA Degree or Diploma or MBA/MPH concurrent programMEd (course based)# includes $9.96 Athletic FeeMADS Degree or Diploma
Year 1 $903.07$1,207.19$1,009.32$1,490.05
Year 2$903.07$1,207.19$1,009.32$1,490.05
Year 3$903.07$1,207.19$1,009.32$1,490.05
Year 4$903.07$1,207.19$1,009.32$1,490.05
Year 5$903.07$1,207.19$1000.91$1,477.49
Year 6$903.07$1,207.19$992.55$1,465.04
Year 7$903.07$1,207.19$978.04$1,443.39
Year 8$881.05$1,207.19$954.42$1,408.19
Year 9$859.56$1,177.75$931.40$1,373.85
Year 10$812.88$1,124.51$914.16$1,337.08
International students$2,939.89$3,254.71$2,932.31$5246.98
International recovery fee*$750.00$750.00$750.00$750.00

*The Province of Ontario charges an international recovery fee to be applied to all international students at public colleges and universities. This fee will be applied once in either fall or winter term based on the term of first registration for each academic year.

MEd Note: Students choosing to complete their degree requirements according to the 2008/09 graduate calendar or prior will continue to be charged the per credit fee.

International Cohort Program Tuition (ISP)

Graduate International Cohort program fees are charged on a program basis, in Canadian funds. Note that all applicable ancillary fees will apply for each registered term in addition to the program fee.

  • Int’l Master of Education $31,337 + GR ancillary fees and Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee ($3,138.68 per half credit, includes $4.98 per half credit Athletics fee – 10 half credits) Students are also required to complete a non credit course, EDUC 5N99.  No extra fee is charged for EDUC 5N99.
  • Master of Professional Accounting (ISP) $44,100  + GR ancillary fees and Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee ($2,940 per half credit -15 half credits)
  • Int’l Master of Business Admin $65,100 – $78,120 + GR ancillary fees and Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee ($3,255 per half credit – 20 half credits.  CPA accredited accounting specialization required to take an additional 4 half credits)
  • Int’l Master of Science in Materials Science (Physics) $34,034 + GR ancillary fees and Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee ($3,403.40 per half credit -10 half credits)
  • Professional Masters Preparation Certificate in Business(PMPC) $19,688 + UG ancillary fees apply and Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee ($3,937.60 per credit – 5.0 credits)
  • Masters Preparation Certificate in Education(MPCE) $16,959 + UG ancillary fees and Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee ($3,391.80 per credit – 5.0 credits)

Ancillary fees (subject to change) 2021-2022 unless otherwise stated.   Ancillary fee updates will be published as they become available.

Sessional ancillary fees are assessed based on full- or part-time status in a session. Most ancillary fees are mandatory and governed by an Ancillary Fee Protocol established between Brock University and the Graduate Students’ Association.  Please open the sections for amount breakdowns and other details.

Covers the operating costs of Student Health Services on campus. Non-refundable.

Domestic full-time2021 $29.55 F/W - $6.67 SP and SU
Domestic part-time2021 $14.78 F/W
International students (full or part-time)2021 $29.55 F/W - $6.67 SP and SU

Mandatory health insurance for international students only (those not covered under OHIP). Coverage is September 1 to August 31.

This fee is charged in both fall and winter sessions to provide supports for graduate students, these services are provided both in-person and virtually.  These include, but are not limited to, psychological, clinical, out-patient and educational.

Full-time or part-time students  $21.40

Athletics fee
Charged per term except for Master of Education per course(#).

#MEd fee per half credit$9.96

Recreation facilities fee
Supplements department of recreation services to provide increased programming, recreational time, and employment for Brock students.

Zone fitness centre fee
Allows graduate students access to the Zone Fitness Centre.

Full Time$17.00
Part Time$8.50 SP / $17.00 SU, FA, WI

This fee is charged per term and provides assistance to the expansion project of the Zone Fitness Centre on campus, providing students with nearly triple the amount of gym space on campus.  This contribution is a 5 year commitment and will commence once the project is substantially complete.

The following sessional ancillary fees are administered by the Graduate Students’ Association.

Extended medical and dental coverage (September to August) charged to graduate students as described on the Graduate Students’ Association Health and Dental Plan website.  This is a combined fee.

Full-time domestic, full-time or part-time international  $523.69

Fee for the mandatory 8 month transit pass (September to April), valid with St. Catharines Transit, Welland Transit and Niagara Transit. Part-time students are not granted a transit pass. For further details, visit the Universal Bus Pass website. Charged in the fall or winter session at the point of first registration in either term.

This fee is charged per term to support the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) activities, workshops, administration and advocacy.  The GSA represents the interests of all graduate students at Brock University, and is administered by an executive team elected each March for the coming year.  At registration, all graduate students become members of the GSA by virtue of this association fee.   (https://brocku.ca/graduate-students-association/ )

Per termAmount
Full-time$29.85 SP/SU $32.81 F/W
Part-time$29.85 SP/SU $32.81 F/W

This fee is for membership in the Canadian Federation of Students. Formed in 1981, the federation allows a large number of student unions to pool resources and garner political clout to work on behalf of post-secondary education students in Canada, ensuring student rights and concerns are fully represented.

Per termAmount

This fee is charged per term, and supports the GSA in addressing ongoing expense of repair and maintenance costs, associated with all assets and spaces owned or managed by the organization.

This fee is charged per term and allows graduate students to access Ombuds services at the university.  Gives graduate students access to academic supports to assist them in their studies or research, ensuring necessary representation is always available.  (https://www.brockbusu.ca/services/ombudsperson/ )

This fee is charged per term to provide direct graduate student emergency support services such as food bank/vouchers.