2016 Undergraduate miscellaneous fees archive

Miscellaneous fees or administrative fees are fees for service and may be incurred by a student as a result of a request or action. This is not a complete list of all charges. Fees are subject to change.

Appeal fee$50.00
Application - part-time, upgrading and mature students$55.00
CAT (on the spot) transfer admissions$100.00
Complete withdrawal processing fee$100 per full credit
$50 per half credit$50 per half credit
Convocation ceremonial fee$40.00
Diploma replacement/duplication$60.00
Evaluation (Faculty of Education admission)$65.00
Fax fee$5 Canada
$10 other$10 other
Internal online international application$130.00
International recovery fee$750.00
Large balance refund fee$200.00
Late drop administration fee$50.00
Late fee for convocation ceremony$25.00
Late registration$55.00
Letters fee (including confirmation of enrolment)$15.00
LOP (letter of permission) - inbound$55.00
LOP (letter of permission) - outbound$55.00
LOP (letter of permission) - outbound reassessment$15.00
Med plus membership fee - level 1 and 2$775.00
Med plus membership fee - level 3 and 4$475.00
Monthly service charges on unpaid balances1.50%
Music ed plus$475.00
NSF cheques$45.00
On-site distance exam fee (Canadian PSE)$80.00
On-site distance exam fee (Non-Canadian PSE)$100.00
OUAC 105 application fee (supplemental fee)$70.00
Paper IELP application for non-conditional UG application$130.00
Pre-Collection letter service$20.00
Refund cheque replacement$20.00
Replacement of lost student card$35.00
Retroactive per course add fee (post audit date)$120.00
Study abroad application fee$125.00
Transcript assessment (other institutions)$50.00
Verification of status$20.00
Graduate application fee - MA/MSC/MBE/MS/PHD$105.00
Graduate application fee - MACC/MBA/MED/MADS$130.00
Inactive fee$105.00
Reinstatement fee$105.00
VITAE Workshop no show fee$20.00
ESL ancillary fees$800.00
Homestay change fee$100.00
Homestay renewals for non-ESL students$100.00
Late fee$150.00