Painting by AY Jackson

Permanent Collection

Rodman Hall is home to a permanent collection of over 1,000 objects including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures by Canadian, American, and European artists from the past three centuries, and a growing focus on contemporary Canadian art. In 2012, Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky donated 40 of his photographs, documenting his internationally celebrated career, to the collection of his hometown gallery. Selected works may be on view throughout the year.

Year-round, works of sculpture can be found on the grounds, including Settlement by Mary Anne Barkhouse. In this outdoor installation created for Rodman Hall in 2012, Barkhouse examines issues of sovereignty and confederacy from an indigenous ecological vantage point. As an Aboriginal woman, Barkhouse is mindful of the history of conflict imprinted on this region of Ontario, particularly during the bicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812. Many of the conflicts and alliances between First Nations and settling cultures that played out two hundred years ago are still unresolved today.