Residence awards

Within residence, we like to recognize the outstanding contributions of our student leaders. Every year, all involved students and student leaders are invited to the Residence Awards Dinner, an evening where these outstanding accomplishments are recognized. Students are eligible to win several awards, as listed below.

House/Hall/Court/Block Award

This award is given to one student in every H/H/C/B in residence to recognize outstanding contributions to, and involvement and leadership in their residence community. Residence Life staff (dons and head residents) are not eligible for this award.

McBride Award

This award is given to one student in every residence hall for contributing to the quality of residence life through one or more of the following:

  • Setting an example in academics or athletic achievement
  • Organizing events
  • Being a supportive neighbour
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities that have made residence an attractive place to live.

Residence Life staff (dons and head residents) are not eligible for this award.

Sheaffe Hall Award

Given annually to one student in residence with high academic standing and who has made a worthy contribution to residence life.

Tammy Brown Residents Committed to Excellence

This award is given to a maximum of 24 students annually. These are students who have made exceptional contributions to enhance residence living. Nominees must be a graduating or a senior residence student.

Student of the Year

This annual award recognizes outstanding achievement in all aspects encompassing a student’s performance, including academic achievement, job achievement/employer evaluation, personal statements, contributions towards education, and contribution to extra-curricular activities. The awards will be given by this years Residence Action Council based on the advice of the student body and Residence Life Staff.

Don of the Year

This award was designed to recognize outstanding service to the residence halls by the Residence Life Staff who live within residence houses/halls/courts/blocks. The definition of  “Don” shall reflect that stated in the Residence Community Standards (RCS). The award for “Don of the Year” will be given out by the Residence Action Council based upon advice from the resident student body.

Head Resident of the Year

The “Head Resident of the Year” award recognizes exceptional service by a Head Resident within one of Brock University’s residences. Criteria of the award should be based upon the following points:

  • Monitor and respond appropriately and consistently to student behaviour
  • To assist with community development and program planning
  • To maintain open communication and manage administrative duties
  • To serve as a role model of respect for self, others and the community
  • Overall active participation and behaviour to students and staff alike within residence

Les McCurdy-Myers Award

This award is presented annually at the Residence Awards Dinner to recognize a staff member at Brock University for their ongoing commitment to the support and development of residence student leaders.


  • Current staff member at Brock University
  • Involved in the support and development of residence student leaders on an ongoing basis (defined as regularly through the course of an academic year or at least annually for 5 or more years)

The award winner will be selected from all completed nominations annually by a committee comprised of the Director of Residences, the President of the Residence Action Council (or designate) and a current Head Resident.