• End of Term

    The end of the term is coming!  Please make sure that you read the End of Term Notice so that you are prepared to depart when you are done exams.

    Here are some important things to note:

    • all students must depart by noon the day after their final exam
    • students who need to stay must request to do so by submitting an Extended Stay request
    • residences are closed from noon on December 23 to noon on January 9, no students are permitted in residence at this time unless they have an approved Winter Break Stay
    • only students who indicated that they may need Winter Break Stay can request to be in residence between December 23 and January 9 (at an additional cost); only residents of Quarry View are eligible

    More details can be found in the End of Term Notice at

    Please Note: End of Term and Winter Break Stay does not apply to students living in Brock Suites as they are permitted to stay.