Interruption of normal operations

During the academic year, residence operates 24/7 and does not close. There are student staff (Residence Life staff) who live in residence and are available to monitor residence life 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Should there be severe inclement weather or other circumstances requiring that normal operations be interrupted, the operation of residences can continue for a limited period of time (two to four days) without full-time residence administrative staff being on-site. Coordination of student staff can be done by phone/email to ensure each separate residence complex is monitored.

Note: See separate policy by Conference Services for procedures during summer conference season (May-August).


Full-time Department of Residences staff:

  • Should the University close, full-time staff would not be expected to stay at work.
  • Should classes be cancelled, but the University remains open, it would be expected that full-time staff attend for work.
  • Director or designate will communicate with full-time staff. Senior Managers will communicate with their areas: Manager of Residence Life will communicate with Residence Life coordinators, who will then will communicate with head residents as needed; Manager of Residence Facilities and Finance will communicate with facilities supervisors, facilities assistants and service desk staff as needed. And finally the Manager of Residence Admissions will communicate with office staff.

Service Desks:

  • One or both service desks may be staffed with part-time student staff (on pay sheets).
  • Service desk staff or Residence Life staff can post information regarding closures and any other pertinent information.

Student staff:

  • Residence Life staff:  Each separate residence life staff is responsible for separate residence complexes. Minimum numbers (50 per cent of staff complement) would be expected to be present in residence.

Food Services:

  • Residence food service facilities would continue to operate during University closure and/or cancelled classes. Hours of operation, menu choices, etc., might be modified. See separate Food Services Policy/Protocol by University Food Services, Sodexo for inclement weather.


Custodial and Facilities Management:

  • Assume Facilities Management would continue to provide base services, such as heat, water, electricity; snow removal.*
  • Cleaning and removal of garbage/recyclables would be monitored should custodial staff not be available.

Snow removal:

  • A priority will be clearing routes for delivery of food to residence kitchens and clearing fire exits around traditional-style residences: DeCew, Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger.