Damages and liabilities

There is a list of damages, together with an estimate of how much you can expect to be charged should you be responsible, in the End of Term Notice.

Starting in March, students will receive several reminders about move-out and what they are required to do before leaving residence. Please see the End of Term Notice for complete details on the move out process including how damage charges are assessed.

Students who have been assessed damage charges for 2017-18 will be sent an email the last week of June outlining their respective charges. If a student wishes to appeal any charges, details on the appeal process were included in the email. Appeals will only be accepted by email from the student charged until the date outlined in their letter (4 weeks from the date that the email is sent).

Please note: No appeals will be accepted after 4 weeks after the student is sent the above email. Any appeals beyond this date will not be reviewed nor responded to. Charges will be billed to student accounts after August 1, 2018.