Cleaning charges for smoking in residence

All Brock University residences are smoke-free environments. When a student is found to have been smoking in residence, extra cleaning must be done to bring the environment back to a smoke-free state.

When it’s suspected a student may be smoking within residence, it will be documented and the student will be required to have a disciplinary meeting with their head resident at which time they may receive a disciplinary sanction, such as a warning, disciplinary probation, or points.

When it is evident that smoking has occurred in a room and/or unit, the student will be required to meet with their Residence Life co-ordinator at which time they will receive a disciplinary sanction. The room/unit in question will also be assessed by a manager to determine the extent of the issue and need for cleaning. The student(s) involved will be responsible for all cleaning costs associated with returning the space back to non-smoking conditions. Costs will vary due to the extent of cleaning required but could range from $250-$2,500 for a single room to an entire townhouse, depending on the level of damage from smoke. Cleaning will occur as quickly as it can be scheduled following assessment of the violation.

In the event there are repeated violations, administrative charges will also apply.