The residence system at Brock University accommodates nearly 2,500 students in seven residence buildings or complexes.

Approximately two-thirds of the beds in the residence system are in single rooms; the remainder are in double rooms. (There are no triple or quadruple occupancy rooms.)

Nearly half the beds are in traditional style (DeCew Residence)  or semi-suite style (Vallee, Earp, Lofts Block 9, and Lowenberger Residences)  and the other half are in townhouse style (Village and Quarry View Residences).

How many people are in a room?

Within all of our residences, the term “single” means a single room that is not shared with another student. The term “double” means that the room is shared between two students. We do not have any accommodations where more than 2 students share a bedroom.

There are two service desks that operate 24/7 during the term.

  • North Service Desk is located in lobby of Earp Residence. It serves students living in residences on the north side of campus: DeCew, Vallee, Earp, Quarry View and Gateway Suites.
  • South Service Desk is located in the lobby of Lowenberger Residence. It serves students living on the south side of campus: Lowenberger and the Village.