Residence Community Standards

Welcome to your new home in residence at Brock University. The Department of Residences works hard to facilitate the successful sleep, study, and social life of nearly 2,400 residence students.

We balance residents’ needs to ensure a high quality of life and academic success. By knowing and adhering to our residence community standards, residents contribute to these goals. The privilege of living in residence comes with the responsibility of abiding by federal, provincial, regional and municipal laws, following residence rules, and upholding community standards.

Please note: In order to apply for residence online, all students must first electronically sign that they have read and agree to abide by these community standards.

Why do we have community standards?

The residence community is a unique environment and these guiding principles have been created to benefit both students and staff by clearly outlining behavioural expectations for students living in residence. The guiding principles define unacceptable behaviour, outline the levels and types of infractions, and describe both the manner in which infractions are enforced and the sanctions applied.
Residents are expected to read and be aware of the information contained in this document. The goals of the community standards are:

  • To provide students with clear information about what is expected of them while living in residence
  • To provide Department of Residences and Residence Life staff with a resource that outlines the course of disciplinary action for any unacceptable behaviour
  • To illustrate to students the importance of co-operation while living in residence