Medical/special consideration

The Department of Residence strives to assist students with special accommodation needs. To consider your request, we require information to determine your specific needs. Although we try to accommodate a student’s needs, we can’t guarantee specific room requests.

Deadline to Submit Documentation

Due immediately – Brock suites students

Due immediately – Upper year or graduate students

By June 1 – New students


The Residence Medical and Special Consideration Request form can be downloaded here.

Step 2 - Completion of the Form by attesting professional


The Medical and Special Consideration form once completed by the attesting professional should be uploaded to the link provided below.  If we do not receive your documentation by the deadline(s) stated above we cannot guarantee that we will be able to adjust or change your room assignment after it has been completed.

Instructions for completing the residence medical and special consideration request:

  • For students who are taller than average (over 6-foot-4), a copy of your drivers license with all personal information except your name and height blacked out is sufficient documentation. You do not need an attesting professional to complete your request.
  • Brock Dining Services are able to accommodate a multitude of dietary needs. Students with dietary concerns which require a medical exemption ONLY are required to complete this form. Please include any dietary concerns or things you want to make a note of in your residence application on the Meal Plan and Dietary Needs page.
  • When having an appropriate professional complete and sign Section 3, please note:
    • Depending on the situation, the following individuals may provide documentation: medical doctor, licensed counsellor, social worker or staff member from the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre.
    • Please attach any other relevant supporting documentation that will assist us in assessing your situation
  • If your request is related to a disability that will also require accommodation related to your academics, we strongly encourage you to contact the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre so they may assist you with your needs. If you register with the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre prior to June 1st then you do not need to send duplicate information to residence. We will work with the case managers in the SWAC to provide accommodations as required.

Supporting medical documentation must provide enough detail to ensure a proper assessment and assignment can be made for students. Documentation must indicate the nature of the medical concern (diagnosis is not required), recommended accommodation, and how that accommodation will address the concern (meaning what are the functional limitations of the student). Please note: we do not accept doctor’s notes that say a student requires a single room with no other information. We have several residences with single rooms so supporting information is important in assigning students to accommodations that will meet their needs.

Students with physical disabilities will be asked to come to campus to meet with the Manager, Residence Admission and Administration, and the Manager, Residence Facilities and Finance to discuss their needs, tour appropriate rooms and discuss specific requirements for the student to be successful in residence.

Please note: Residence is a high density living environment and it may be difficult to control the environment to the extent that some students require.  The Residence Life Staff (RLS) can act as a resource to help educate others but it may not be possible for us to make special arrangements for some students (e.g. our residences are not nut-free).  We will rely on the student to assess whether living in a residence environment is safe and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.