Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming Fall 2021-22 academic year as well as Fall/Winter 2020-21  residence experience and application updates. Current Brock Students are asked to monitor their Brock University emails for notifications from the Department of Residences.

Information specific to the application process can be found here.

Applying to Residences Fall 2021-22

The online application for Fall/Winter will be available to all students on the Department of Residences website in January. Applications and the $600-application fee must be received no later than June 1, 2021.

Students applying to live in Brock Suites also have a $600 application fee. Visit Brock Suites for more details.

If you have questions about eligibility or the admissions process please visit Applying to Residence.

A confirmation email will be sent to your Brock email address the moment you successfully transmit your online application. This is for your records only but it is an indication that you have successfully submitted an application. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours, please check your junk/trash folder. If you still do not have the email, call the Department of Residences immediately at 905-688-5550 x3370 or email to inquire whether it was received. In these cases, we have no way of knowing you tried submitting an application unless you contact us.

A confirmation email will be sent to your Brock Office 365 email account immediately after submitting your application.

You must pay a $600-application fee to complete your residence application. We will begin accepting payments on April 5, 2021. Please do not attempt to pay before this.

Methods of payment:

Please note that Brock University does not accept payment via credit card nor by cash.

Cheque (can take up to 10 business days for receipt by Brock)

  • Must be made payable to Brock University. Please ensure your seven-digit student number is on the cheque.
  • Can be dropped off at Brock Central. They are open as listed here or cheques can be left in the secure drop box when available. ***DUE TO COVID-19 THIS OPTION IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.  Online banking is the most efficient method of payment.***
  • Can be mailed directly to Brock. Please address the envelope as follows: Brock Central, 3rd floor Schmon Tower, 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1.  *** DUE TO COVID-19 THIS METHOD IS VERY SLOW.  Online banking is the most efficient method of payment.***

At a Canadian Bank (can take up to five business days for receipt by Brock)

  • Indicate to the teller that you wish to make a $600-payment to Brock University.
  • The account number is your seven-digit student ID number. If your bank requires a longer account number, please add zeros in front of the student ID number until you reach the minimum length needed.

Online banking (can take up to three business days for receipt by Brock)

  • Add “Brock University Tuition and Residence” as a payee to your banking software
  • The account number is your seven-digit student ID number, if your bank requires a longer account number, please add zeros in front of the student ID number until you reach the minimum length needed.
  • Make the payment as you would with any other bill through online banking.

For international students, please see payment options through Western Union Global Pay that we recommend.

The deadline for receipt of the $600-application fee is Monday, June 1, 2021.

We will process all applications as soon as we receive the application fee payment but we will give priority in the assigning process to those who meet our deadline. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of confirmation of your payment, for example, save a copy of the confirmation screen if you are paying by online banking, or keep the deposit slip if you pay at your bank.

Because online banking and wire transfers often take a few business days to be received, your best option would be to bring a cheque to campus.  ***DUE TO COVID-19 BRINGING A CHEQUE TO CAMPUS IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.***

Yes, you can. You can check your financial history by going to the Applicant and Student Self Serve tab on the Brock Portal. When your payment is received, you will see the credit, which will show as ($600) on your student account. Please note: university charges to your account will appear as debits.

No, Brock does not accept payment by credit card.

Applying to residence outlines in detail how to apply, who is guaranteed a bed, roommate selection and a host of other issues relating to residence life.

Please visit Student Awards and Financial Aid. You can use the Fee Estimator to determine costs associated with a year at university.

Brock University is pleased to guarantee a space in residence to all full-time undergraduate students beginning in Fall 2021, who meet our residence application conditions.* The residence guarantee applies only if both residence application and fee are received by June 1, 2021.

*Brock has historically accommodated all incoming students who met our published residence guarantee. This is our goal for Fall 2021, however; given these uncertain times, we may be required to adjust the guaranteed criteria. We commit to updating our applications as changes are made. 

Every year is different. Last year we were able to offer beds to most students who were not guaranteed a bed. All applicants will know the outcome of their application by mid July.

You may indicate a preference for a particular style of residence but we are unable to guarantee the placement of your choice. We do, however, strive to accommodate student requests wherever possible. We ask you to choose a residence style rather than a building because we believe that it’s the people you live with and not the building that will make your stay in residence a positive and memorable one.

You may indicate on your application that you would prefer a double room or that you would prefer a single room. We have accommodation for over 2,700 students and roughly one-third of these beds are in double rooms. Regardless of where you live, residences are high density living. We hope you’ll embrace the experience of living with a lively group of students and enjoy the eight months you spend in residence. Having a roommate can be an integral part of that whole experience. Because room assigning is largely based on marks, the higher your admission average the better chance you have of getting your preference.

Yes, you can tell us that you would like to be assigned to a bed in a double room. If you have a friend coming to Brock and you would like to share with that person, list each other’s names and rank your preferences in the same order.

We don’t have students complete a questionnaire because we have no way of guaranteeing the information is accurate. In any case, young people often change when they make the transition from home to university. We put our energies into training our Residence Life staff so they can help you amicably resolve any issues and concerns you may have with your roommate. We encourage students to keep an open mind and show respect for one another. For many, having a roommate is an integral part of the residence experience.

Please upgrade your Adobe Reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader on your computer, please download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from This will enable you to open and read any PDF file.

Unfortunately, we are unable to share names and personal contact information for other students due to privacy legislation. Meeting your roommate (bathroom mate/unit mate) will be one of the things you do on move in day.

If you have a confirmed OSAP assessment for more than $12,000 then you qualify for the $2,000-reduced first instalment. Your finance history and fee calculator will not be updated to reflect this amount if the assessment comes in after we have loaded the first assessment charges. We will work with Student Awards and Financial Aid as well as the Finance office to ensure qualified students are not charged interest for paying the reduced amount.

You can pay your first installment fee using the methods of payment accepted by Brock.

No, OSAP will not be in your account until September. That’s why we have a reduced first installment. OSAP rarely covers 100 percent of your university fees so you have to make this payment on your own.

The first installment fee is for residence and your meal plan. The meal plan is mandatory for all residences and has automatically been added to the first installment amount.

Absolutely. Accommodations in Vallee, Earp, Village, Lowenberger, Residence 8, and Gateway Suites Residences are available for students with disabilities. There are rooms with features such as visual fire alarms and washrooms that are accessible for students with physical disabilities. Please indicate any required accommodations on your residence application. Please visit our website on Medical and Special Consideration for more information. Anyone requesting special consideration for residence because of a disability must register with the Student Accessibility Services at Brock. The March of Dimes provides on-campus attendant services at Brock University as well.

Students who do not make a first instalment payment will be subject to interest charges and may have their residence room offer revoked.

Absolutely. Any credits on your student account, including entrance scholarships and awards, can be put toward your first instalment payment.

Move-In Day is Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021 for all residences.  Students in Brock Suites can move in starting September 1st.

We stress that bricks and mortar don’t make your stay in residence a memorable one. It’s the people with whom you will be living. Please keep that in mind when you are looking at our building descriptions.

Yes, as long as it is a small refrigerator. Check Facilities Amenities for more information about what you can bring.

We also offer a fridge (and freezer for townhouses) rental program through Coldex Rentals at

We have listed the amenities for each residence and a list of what you will find in your room. This will give you some idea of what to bring; for example, you will need to provide your own bedding and pillow as we only provide a mattress.

We do have a linen program available for students (particularly those traveling internationally) where you can buy your linens etc in advance on line and they will be in your room upon your arrival.  Please visit Residence Linens for more information at

Fall/Winter 2020-21

At this point, we expect that dining halls will not be available for seated dining.  Instead, take-out meal service may be available during specific hours.  As students will be assigned to townhouses and/or suite-style accommodations, they will have kitchen facilities to cook for themselves.

Yes. The residence application is still available online. Click here for more information. Students who apply now will automatically be placed on the waiting list for a room in residence.

Students will be expected to follow all public health guidelines during their stay in residence.  These may include requirements with respect to physical distancing and wearing face covering.  We will regularly update students with the current guidelines.

Students living in townhouses and suite-style residences are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their own space, including their bedrooms, washrooms and shared living area and kitchens.

Where maintenance by a tradesperson is necessary, students may be asked to vacate their room/unit while work is being performed to maintain physical distancing requirements.

Public area cleaning [i.e. Service Desk, Laundry Room] will be enhanced as per guidelines from Public Health.

Public health measures due to COVID-19 may limit the number of students we can accept, when we can admit students and how we manage our residences. The health and safety of our students is our top priority. If the University determines that it is prudent or necessary to restrict its residences for reasons of public health of safety, or if the University is restricted in offering residence accommodations by provincial regulations, Brock may be required to withdraw residence offers, room assignments or delay acceptance into residences.

If this happens, Brock will provide as much notice as possible, the residence application fees will be refunded or credited to students account in accordance with direction from the University’s Finance Office, and Brock’s residence staff team will be available to assist students in exploring alternative accommodation option.

For students who move in, then later decide to move out of residence, please see Early Withdrawal Policy, for forfeiture schedule of residence fees.

Should you live in residence for the full year, the $600 residence application fee will be applied to your residence fees.

For students receiving a refund or credit. Once the funds show on your student financial history, you can request a refund from the Finance Department to have the money returned to you, should you have no outstanding balance owing.

General information

Our mailing address:
Department of Residences
Brock University
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1

Student mailing addresses (all residences except Quarry View and Gateway):
Student Name
Room, Residence Building
Brock University
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1

Student mailing addresses (Quarry View only):
Student Name
Room, Quarry View Residence
51 John Macdonell Street
St. Catharines, ON L2T 4E4

Student mailing addresses (Gateway only):
Student Name
Room, Gateway Suites
49 John Macdonell Street
St. Catharines, ON L2T 0A4

The best way is to email or call 905-688-5550 x3370. At peak times, there may be a delay of up to 48 hours before we are able to get back to you so we thank you in advance for your patience. Please put your first and last names and your Brock student number as the subject line of your email. Please use the main body of the email to tell us why you are writing. If you call and are directed to voicemail, please provide your full name and student number to help us more easily answer your questions when we call you back. Our fax number is 905- 688-0797.

Most of our communication will come in an email to your Brock email address. Some email programs put auto-generated messages directly into the trash or junk folders. To avoid this, please put the following email addresses into your address book:

Campus tours are organized through our Recruitment and Liaison Office.  They can be booked on line at

360 degree tours of each residence is available on the residence website at then click on the building page on the left hand side to access descriptions, picture galleries and the 360 tours.

Returning students

We encourage returning students to apply for residence for next year. The application will be available February 2021 and the deadline for receipt of your application and $600-application fee is Monday, June 1, 2021. You will know the outcome of your application by the end of mid-July. In the past, we’ve been able to offer beds to some returning students who applied for residence. We hope you’ll consider making residence your home again. All those offered a place as returning residence students will be assigned to a single room in the residence of their choice if the June 1, 2021 deadline is met. Our residence community is enriched when students return to live in residence for another year. If you have any questions, please contact x3370 or

Residence fees and payments

Students must pay a $600-application fee when they apply in order for their application to be processed. If the student lives in residence for that year, the $600 will be taken off their final residence fee payment. The next payment is the first instalment, which is due July 31. The remaining residence fees will be due in September with tuition fees.

The consequences of a missed payment will depend on which payment is missed, how much you owe on your student account overall, and time of the year. The Finance Department outlines potential consequences of overdue accounts.

All residence fees must be paid to Brock University’s Finance Department. View our payment options.  In addition, students may visit Brock Central during posted office hours to make payments.