Reminder: Townhouse Inspections February 5-9

As stated in the Residence Community Standards (Cleanliness Standards  page 35), “residence rooms and units are subject to regular inspection by Residence Facilities Staff”.  
This is a reminder that February 5-9th, the Department of Residences Facilities staff will be entering every Village and Quarry View townhouse unit/room to conduct a visual inspection for damages and to assess the state of cleanliness and repair of your unit/room.
Please refer to the Residence Handbook link on our Department of Residences web page ( ) or your copy of the Residence Handbook for helpful cleaning tips and standards as well as details about the inspection process (specifically pages 46-56) in order to prepare for the inspection. In addition, refer to the copy of your 1st inspection form to ensure that problem areas noted during that inspection are addressed prior to this inspection.  
The inspections will take place between 10am and 4:30pm.  If there is no one home at the time of inspection, a copy of the inspection form will be left on your unit’s kitchen table indicating the result of our inspection and if action is required by you/your roommates.
Please note, upon leaving a room, Residence Facilities staff are required to lock all doors.  So please ensure that you have your keys with you at all times as you may return to find your bedroom and unit door locked!!
If issues of cleanliness are found, there are financial consequences and potential sanctions. You will be given 7-10 days to remedy the situation.  After that time has elapsed a re-inspection will occur, and if unacceptable issues still exist, university custodial staff will be sent to rectify the situation at your expense.
Please refer to the Residence Cleanliness Standards document at  that outlines the financial consequences and points assessed for failing a unit inspection.  Please note that the consequences increase for repeated failures!
If damages are found during the inspection, you will be held accountable for the cost of the repairs, which will occur before the start of the 2nd term.  Students are individually responsible for their own room and jointly responsible for unit and/or common area damage.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Service Desk –