Selected Publications from the Studio

The Research Studio produces research publications that focus partly or fully on methodological innovation, epistemological and ontological issues, and methodological pluralism. Our recent research has a strong focus on community-based and collaborative research led by Indigenous and Black researchers.


McHugh, N. A. and Doucet, A. (Eds.) (2021) Thinking Ecologically, Thinking Responsibly: The Legacies of Lorraine Code. (State University of New York Press).

Doucet, A. (2018) Do Men Mother? (Second edition; revised and updated). University of Toronto Press.

Siltanen J. and Doucet, A. (2017) Gender Relations in Canada: Intersectionalities and Social Change. (Second edition). Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Journal Issues & Publications

Twamley, K, Doucet, A. and Schmidt, E-M (2021). Relationality in family and intimate practices. Families, Relationships and Societies, 1-8.

Cattapan, A., Doucet, A., Lee, R., and McKay, L. (2016) Consuming Intimacies: Bodies, Labour, Care, and Social Justice. Studies in Social Justice: Special Issue on Consuming Intimacies: Bodies, Labour, Care, and Social Justice, 10(2), 194-362.

Cook, N., Doucet, A., and Rowsell, J. (2017)  Studies in Social Justice: Special issue on Visual Methodologies and Social Justice11(2), 187-194.

Doucet, A. (2018). Canadian Visual Methodologies and Visual Sociology.  Canadian Review of Sociology: Special Issue on Canadian Visual Methodologies and Visual Sociology. 55(2). 163-165.

Doucet, A. & Duvander, A-Z. (in press, 2022). Measuring Parental Leave Impacts: Grappling with Conceptual and Methodological Complexities. In Ivana Dobrotić, Sonja Blum, and Alison Koslowski (eds). Research Handbook on Leave Policy. Edward Elgar, 2022.

Goddard-Durant, S., Doucet, A., Sieunarine, J. A. (in press, 2022).“If you’re going to work with Black people, you have to think about these things!” Fostering an Ethical Process in Research with Black Communities. In C. Burkholder, F. Aladajebi, and J. Schwab Cartas (Eds.), Leading and Listening to Community: Facilitating Qualitative, Arts-Based & Visual Research for Social Change. New York: Routledge

Doucet, A. (2021). What does Rachel Carson have to do with Family Sociology and Family Policies? Ecological Relational Ontologies and Crossing Social ImaginariesFamilies, Relationships and Societies, 10(1), 11-31.

Doucet, A., and Armstrong, P. (2021). A Conversation with Pat Armstrong about “Creative Teamwork: Developing Rapid Site-Switching Ethnography”Families, Relationships and Societies, 10(1), 179-188.

Goddard-Durant, S., Sieunarine, J. A. and Doucet, A. (2021).  Decolonising Research with Black Communities:  Developing Equitable and Ethical Relationships between StakeholdersFamilies, Relationships and Societies, 10(1), 189-196.

Jewell, E., Doucet, A., Falk, J. and Fyke, S. (2020) Social Knowing, Mental Health, and the Importance of Indigenous Resources: A Case Study of Indigenous Employment Engagement in Southwestern OntarioCanadian Review of Social Policy, 80, 1-25

Doucet, A. and McKay, L. (2020). Fathering, parental leave, impacts, and gender equality: What/how are we measuring? International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 40(5/6), 441-463.

Books and Special Journal Issues

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