Our Team

Our work is made possible by outstanding postdoctoral fellows, students, our Project Coordinator, and editorial support.

Project Coordinator

Jennifer Turner

Project Coordinator

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Natasha Stecey-Hilderbrandt

PhD, Sociology, UBC, 2021

Current Students

Umay Kader

PhD student, Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia

Kenya Thompson

PhD student, Department of Politics, York University

Marco Sasso

MA student, Critical Sociology, Brock University

Jessica Pratezina

PhD student, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Victoria

Other team members

  • Elizabeth Paradis
  • Kate Paterson
  1. MITACS postdoctoral fellow (Vanier Institute of the Family), Kim de Laat (PhD, UofT) (2021 – 2022). Currently Assistant Professor, Organization and Human Behaviour, University of Waterloo’s Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business.
  2. SSHRC postdoctoral fellow, Janna Klostermann (PhD, Carleton University) (2021 – 2022). Currently Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Calgary.
  3. SSHRC-funded (Insight, CRC and partnership grants) postdoctoral fellow, Sadie Goddard-Durant (PhD, Guelph University) (2020 – 2022). Currently Director of Knowledge Mobilization, Luke’s Place (non-profit organization).
  4. SJRI and CRC funded postdoctoral fellow, Eva Jewell (PhD, Royal Roads University) (2018 – 2019). Currently Assistant Professor, Sociology, Toronto Metropolitan University.
  5. SSHRC postdoctoral fellow, Sophie Mathieu (PhD, Carleton University) (2017-2019). Currently Senior Program Specialist, Vanier Institute of the Family.
  6. CRC-Funded postdoctoral fellow, Lindsey McKay (PhD, Carleton University) (2015-2017). Currently Assistant Professor (teaching track) at Thompson Rivers University.
  7. SSHRC Banting postdoctoral fellow, Rachel Epstein, (PhD York University) (2015-2017). Currently Executive Director, United Jewish People’s Order.
  8. SSHRC-funded (Insight grant) postdoctoral fellow, Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott (PhD, Northwestern University) (2015-2016). Currently Assistant Professor in Northern Sociology, Memorial University.
  9. SSHRC Banting postdoctoral fellow, Robyn Lee (PhD York University) (2014-2016). Currently Assistant Professor in Social Theory, Sociology, University of Alberta.
  • Katherine Twamley (University College of London, UCL) 2017
  • Eva Maria Schmidt (University of Vienna, Austria) 2016
  • Crystal Adams
  • Natalie Brown
  • Robin Cummings
  • Ashley Do Nascimento
  • Christine Ensslen
  • Jessica Falk
  • Hamin Kim
  • Kate Paterson
  • Helena Tizza