Research across campus

We are very proud of the research Faculties and departments generate at Brock and the contributions that our research make to society. Here are some video highlights of the innovative and creative work being done all across the University.

Lake in Canada could mark the beginning of human-influenced age, Al Jazeera English, December 3, 2018

Bees facing fight of their lives, November 2017

Brock experts want you to ‘leave no trace’ when exploring Canada’s national parks, June 2017

Brock, international researchers explore links between perfectionism and procrastination, June 2017

Brock research helps reverse rattlesnakes’ death rate, May 2017

Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of childhood obesity, April 2017

Healthy sleep: Dr. Kimberly Cote, Brock University, August 2016

Dr. Fiona Hunter on the Zika Virus, June 2016

Brock scientist Mariek Schmidt discusses her work with NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover mission, April 2016