Graduate Research

Research is central to our mission as a comprehensive institution and at Brock University we recognize the importance of supporting our graduate students to challenge themselves to develop and refine their research skills as they apply in both academia and the wider community.

Brock University offers graduate students a unique opportunity to explore their research interests in state of the art facilities while working closely with their supervisors, other Brock researchers, and collaborators around the world. Brock offers hands-on instruction and guidance from professionals in all seven of its Faculties and students always have access to their supervisor and other experts in their field.

Another highlight for graduate researchers at Brock is the ability to explore their research questions across disciplines with our transdisciplinary approach. Brock encourages students and researchers from different departments to work together to carry out ground-breaking research and to solve problems from new, interesting, and perhaps even unexpected angles. Learn more about our various graduate programs and research opportunities.

To support our full-time graduate students enrolled in a research-based program, the Faculty of Graduate Studies provides a guaranteed minimum funding package with opportunities to obtain additional funding. Learn more information about graduate funding.

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