Course Change Request

Use this form to request changes pertaining to upcoming courses (one course per form). Please note the following policies:

  • Requests for course cancellations, duration changes and new course additions will only be processed if the request has the approval of the appropriate Faculty Dean. 
  • All other change requests must be approved by the Department Chair/Deans’ Office as appropriate.
  • We ask that all submissions be made through the Departments Administrative Assistants (or other approved staff members) only.
  • Requests submitted by individual professors to the scheduling team will not be processed.

*Restriction Codes – Please note adjustments to restriction codes are made by Records. Restriction codes may not be complete and editing could be ongoing during the timetable-reporting period. These codes will be edited by Records in time of registration.

Adding a course?

Requests for course adds must be submitted via a Course Add Form. Click below to access the form.