Complete Withdrawal From Brock

We are so sorry to see you go!

Important Information for Withdrawing from Brock University

Financial Account Reminder

  • An academic course withdrawal does not automatically equate to a financial refund of course tuition. Please see the Student Accounts and Financial Aid website for more information about withdrawals and refunds.
  • It is imperative that you continue to monitor your student financial history page to ensure all charges are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Miscellaneous fees such as Library fees, residence damage charges, missed health appointment fees, etc., may be charged to your account months after your actual departure date.
  • It is important that you continue to monitor your student financial history through your student portal, as you are still responsible for these fees.
  • If you have a credit on your account once all changes are complete, please complete the online “Request a Refund” form at 
  • All refunds are completed via INTERAC e-transfer through your Brock student email account

Please review the following to facilitate a smooth transition for withdrawing from the University and to complete a full withdrawal from Brock.

Meeting with your Academic Advisor is an essential first step in the withdrawal process. They can offer helpful strategies and resources that can help make your academic workload more manageable.

How to book an appointment:
1. Visit your Applicant and Student Self-Serve page on your Brock portal and choose ‘Appointment Bookings’
2. Choose ‘Advising Services’
3. Choose the Advising Department you would like to book an appointment with

For more information on Academic Advising, please visit

Balancing school, work, friends, personal care, and the responsibilities of being on your own for the first time can feel overwhelming and stressful. You may benefit from speaking with our free Personal Counselling Services, offered through the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre. To book an appointment, please visit

Additionally, if your withdrawal is for medical or compassionate reasons, you may wish to submit a request for a backdated withdrawal. Backdated withdrawal information may be found online at

You must drop/withdraw from your courses in order to formally withdraw from Brock. Please remember that withdrawals may be subject to either an academic or financial penalty depending on the date you withdraw.

How to drop/withdraw:

  1.  If the registration system is OPEN, please drop your courses via the portal at
  2.  If the registration system is CLOSED, please submit a “Course Add/Withdrawal/Change form” through the student portal (Brock DB).
  3. If the last day to withdraw from a course without academic penalty has passed (, please review the backdated withdrawal procedure to request a retroactive course withdrawal (eligibility criteria must be met).

For information on how dropping/withdrawing affects your financial account, or for further assistance, please contact Brock Central @The Registrar’s Office for instructions on the course withdrawal process by:


Withdrawing from Residence requires the following steps:

  1. Complete the ‘Early Withdrawal’ form in the residence portal online via
  2. Additional information may be found online at:
  3. Once you are ready to move out, you will need to check out at your Service Desk to complete the process.
  4. If your withdrawal is for medical or compassionate reasons, you may wish to submit a request to the Department of Residence for an appeal.
  5. Appeal information can be found online at:

For more information, please email

If you have received OSAP please complete the ‘OSAP course load change form’ found online at:

Please contact Brock Central @The Registrar’s Office to ensure your financial account is adjusted accordingly. You can reach Brock Central via:

We are sorry to see you go! Please fill out a brief survey to provide more information on the reasons why you are considering complete withdrawal from Brock.

** This survey is for information purposes only in order to inform and improve upon our services.

Please complete the survey only after completing steps 1 through 5. Thank you!

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Complete Withdrawal Checklist

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