The Zone rules and regulations

These rules and regulations have been designed to keep the Zone clean, organized and safe for all.

Please observe and follow all established rules. Disregarding these rules and regulations may result in the loss of your Zone privileges.

  1. Current Brock student ID cards or membership cards must be presented at the Equipment Room to obtain a wristband for use of the facilities of the Walker Complex.  Your membership is not transferable. If you have forgotten your membership, a temporary day pass can be purchased at the Equipment Room or Welcome Desk. There are no exceptions to the rule.
  2. Proper footwear must be worn. Bare feet, sandals, work boots or dress shoes are not acceptable. Shoes worn outside must be cleaned prior to entering The Zone.
  3. Proper athletic shoes and clean workout clothes (including tops and bottoms) must be worn when using the facilities in the Walker Sports Complex. Clothing must not have protruding metal that can cut equipment or other patrons (i.e. zippers, belts).
  4. Please, no food, cans or glass in The Zone. Only re-usable, covered and plastic bottles are permitted.
  5. Gym bags, knapsacks, jackets, keys and other personal items are not allowed in The Zone. Lockers are available in the locker room for day use.  Note: in 2021, while the locker rooms and lockers are closed, belongings must be kept with you at all times.
  6. Bars are to be stripped of weights after each use. Return all weights and dumbbells to their proper places. Keep all weights in designated areas and do not take them upstairs.
  7. While we remain in Ontario Step 3, all use of the Zone Fitness Centre must be pre-booked.  Time slots are 1 hour long.
  8. Conducting and solicitation of personal business is prohibited. Only the Department of Recreation staff may conduct personal training sessions in The Zone.
  9. The following is considered unacceptable conduct in The Zone: spitting, foul language, grunting, use of chalk and monopolizing a piece of strength training equipment (20 minute rule/3 members working in only).
  10. Dropping of weights is dangerous to you, to those exercising around you, and to the facility. Use a manageable weight or ask for a spotter. Abuse of equipment may result in the loss of Zone privileges. The staff in the Walker Complex will intervene if a guest is deemed to be exercising/behaving in a manner which could be hazardous to themselves or others.
  11. Use of Electronic Devices: Cell phone use is not permitted in The Zone. Photography and videography is not permitted in The Zone due to privacy.