• Let’s Talk About It

    Being isolated from your social life and practically doing everything virtually is hard! Many of us thrive on interaction, and this year, hasn’t provided us with many opportunities to interact with others at the capacity we used to. It’s been hard for us all but let’s talk about it.  

    This week is the annual Bell Let’s Talk event, which raises awareness about mental health. The proceeds will fund both mental health supports and research in Canada.   

    It’s important to remember that mental health isn’t a one time “event”, it affects many people every single day. With the pandemic, the need for support has increased more than ever.  

    Take the time out of your day to reach out to others or ask for support if you feel you are struggling. It’s ok to talk about it.  

    Did you know, Brock provides great resources that are accessible, even during the pandemic.  

    • The Student Wellness and Accessibility  Centre (SWAC) website provides a confidential personal counselling, mental health nurses, drop in Peer to Peer support and other resources for students.   
    • My Student Support App (My SSP) is free 24-hour confidential text and talk counselling and also has videos, self-screening, and fitness programming. 
    • Follow @BrockSWAC for resources and workshops available to you!  

    It is easy to forget to focus on your well-being when life gets busy.. Here are a few tips to stay positive and healthy.  

    • Enjoy the small things: take this time to reset and focus on the little details you would often overlook. Watch the sunset, browse at nature, enjoy the smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven. 
    • Set a routine: Build a calendar and write it out!  
    • Study in a different space than you sleep:  Get 8 hours of sleep each night and enjoy it!  It’s tempting to keep your laptop by your bed, so you can wake up and join that synchronous class without getting up – but keep your bed for relaxation! 
    • Eat breakfast  
    • Move every single day: exercise, go for a walk, join an on-line class (Brock Recreation has a whole library of on-demand and live classes and there are classes on your My SSP app), use some soup cans for small weights. 
    • Take a snack break. Research shows that short bouts of exercise is valuable! (is this about snacks or exercise?) 
    • Relax: breathe deeply, take an on-line yoga class, schedule this time in your day! 

    On Thursday, January 28th, use #BellLetsTalk for every applicable text, call, tweet, or TikTok video and Bell will donate 5 cents for mental health initiatives. We’re all here to raise awareness about mental health and take action. This year, more than ever I encourage you to lend the hand a little further and talk about it. Reach out, stay in touch, express how you feel and together we can help.  

    Let’s talk about it,  

    Your friendly neighborhood Badger 

  • 5 Ways Brock Recreation can help you achieve your goals in 2021

    I thought 2021 was going to be MY year and give me the opportunity to do my favourite things. Here I am, eating my cheerios and taking my classes from my bedroom. I do most things here; I eat, I sleep, I learn, I watch TV, but I am yet to workout. The only marathon I have done this year is binge watching Bridgerton.

    Thinking about how much I used to love exercising at Brock, I decided to take a look to see what recreation has to offer. I was excited to see options for staying active and staying connected. Here are my top picks!

    1: ExpressFit Live Classes

    Online Live classes are available via Zoom. To access these classes, copy the Meeting ID and type in the password; BADGER to join. Check out the schedule below!

    • MONDAY @ 11am Kickbox
      • Meeting ID: 823 4834 9872
    • TUESDAY @ 7:30am Hatha Yoga
      • Meeting ID: 853 8204 7693
    • WEDNESDAY @ 3pm Full Body Fit
      • Meeting ID: 883 6949 0665
    • THURSDAY @ 11am Kickbox Bootcamp
      • Meeting ID: 844 5823 8629

    Password for all classes is “BADGER”

    2: ExpressFit On Demand

    Online lectures, virtual group work, endless reading, oh my! Some weeks even with my best intentions, following a schedule can be hard.

    ExpressFit On Demand brings the fitness class experience to your phone, table, or computer. Choose from a variety of workout styles and follow along with Brock’s expert instructors as they guide and motivate you towards improved fitness, one workout at a time. New classes will be added regularly so you can keep it fresh while navigating your own fitness journey.

    Find these Sessions:

    3: Fantasy Sports Leagues

    Although 2020 was a long year without sports, I am happy to see that NHL is back! I make each game an event in my calendar, throw on my leaf’s jersey, and prepare my favourite meals for game time.

    Did you know that Recreation is running Fantasy NHL Hockey and Fantasy NBA Basketball leagues? Drafts are schedule to take place this Friday, January, and will begin on Monday, January 25th. Register here to get invited to the draft.

    4: Pick’Em Leagues

    If you are not one to watch every game, you can join the Pick’EM League to see how many games you can correctly guess each week. I’m not great at predicting the outcome, but it feels good to take home the win sometimes!

    5. Esports and App Game Leagues

    Not only does Recreation provide excitement for my love of sports, but they also support my love of gaming! Seriously, how did they know? Esports and App Game Leagues will begin on January 25th and run until February 12th. Check out what is being offered;

    • Rocket League
    • NHL 20 for Xbox and PS4
    • FIFA 20 for Xbox and PS 4
    • Words with Friends
    • Among Us

    If you missed the first registration and are interested in the virtual leagues, there will be another registration that will open following the Winter Reading Week.

    Registration for all Leagues is found on IMLeagues.

    I hope these resources will provide useful tips to get you moving away from the tv marathons and provide you with positivity vibes that will zen you out while you stay at home. If you would like more information about these programs, message @BrockRecreation on Instagram or email us at

    Stay Inspired,

    Your friendly neighbourhood Badger

  • Walker Sports Complex closed due to province wide shutdown.

    In light of the Ontario Government announcing a province wide shutdown beginning Dec. 26, 2020, the Walker Sports Complex (including pool, Zone, gyms, etc.) is closed.  Please follow provincial and regional guidance to slow the spread of Covid-19.

    Virtual programming is available at any time at ExpressFit On Demand 

  • Virtual classes available

    Work out when you have time – go to Expressfit on Demand and choose a class!

  • Lockers, locker rooms, saunas, whirlpool, fountains

    As we open specific areas of the Walker Sports Complex for Brock students, please be aware that there will be no lockers available (please come dressed for activity), the locker room will only be available to those using the pool, saunas and whirlpool are closed.

    Fountains across campus have been shut off, bottle fillers are available.