• 10 Ways to Become a Successful Runner

    As many things in life, running can be that one task that you wish you could do but the thought of actually going to do it is deterring. You remember back to the cramps and the taste of iron in your mouth and think that running is not the activity for you.  

    Maybe you have tested the treadmill and got bored of looking at yourself in the mirror, or maybe you tried a neighbourhood run but you were worried that the person in the car driving by was judging your pace.  

    Perhaps you told yourself that today is the day to tie up those laces and enjoy a nice evening jog while soaking in the last few minutes of sunshine. But then you got home and excused yourself of that to enjoy a night on the couch instead.  

    Here are 10 ways that you can change your mindset and become a successful and confident runner. Set aside the cramps, catch your breath, and enjoy pushing your body to its limits outside of the gym. Running is a great activity to clear your mind, push yourself, and be active, so let’s talk about how you can get into it 

    Set your goals 

      • Maybe you want to sign up for a 5k in the summer or building up to a half marathon OR maybe your goal is to run for fun and start a new hobby. Either way, its important to set your goals.  
      • Set your goals for how fast you want to run a certain distance to help you increase your pace over time.  
      • Write down your goals in a journal and hold yourself accountable to this.

    Track your runs

      • Download an app like Nike Run Club to track your run  
      • Use the GPS tracker to mark out the distance of your run and the pace you want to run at. 
      • These apps are also great to inform you how far you’ve gone during your run and to show you what route you have taken 

    Prep a playlist 

      • Find a motivating playlist that has a great beat. 
      • Jam out to those sing along-worthy tunes to distract you from the distance 
      • Find a playlist that helps you set your pace.  

    Invest in good running shoes  

      • Nothing is worse than having blisters and sore feet after a run. Invest in some good quality shoes that will last a while and won’t hurt your feet.  
      • Buy shoes that are meant for running, not casual trainers that are meant for gym sesh. 

    Pace yourself!  

      • Don’t bolt out of the gate off the start! This will result in those awful unwanted cramps and make it difficult to catch your breath.  
      • Pace yourself throughout your run and try to stick to it.  
      • Increase your pace if you can but make it manageable to last the entire distance.  
      • If you have energy at the end, add in a sprint and push yourself!    

    Run somewhere new

      • Change up the scenery and ditch the treadmill.  
      • If you’re a beginner, run somewhere where the elevation doesn’t change.  
      • Add some difficulty by finding a route with some hills.  
      • Changing the scenery by running a new route once in a while will make it more fun!  


      • Don’t forget to breathe. In through your nose, out through your mouth!  
      • It is important to pace yourself not only so you don’t get tired, but so you can manage your breaths.  
      • Focus on your breathing throughout the run. Longer inhales will allow you to save your breath without feeling winded.  

    Rest and Recover  

      • This is just as important as working out and running. Schedule in the days that you are going to rest and recover.  
      • Fuel your body with healthy nutrition.  
      • Rest doesn’t mean not moving! Keep moving your body every day, just some days can be less vigorous.  

    Don’t forget the cool down  

      • You don’t want to come in for a run and plop on the couch. Take 10-30 minutes to cool down.  
      • Stretch your body!  
      • Do not just end your run at a halt. Take a lap, catch your breath and allow your body to slow down your heart rate.  


      • You may have seen those giant bottles around where people are trying to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time of the day. Impressive!  
      • Do not forget to hydrate your body to avoid dehydration.  
      • Water = fuel, fuel = energy! Drink up!  

    Take in this read and motivate yourself to try out a run. Maybe you make it around the blockmaybe you’ll run a distance you never thought was achievable. No matter what, get yourself moving. You will realize just how good it makes you feel.  

    Keep it up, Badgers 

    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger 

  • 8 Ways to Go Green This St. Patty’s Day 

    In past years, St. Patrick’s Day was the perfect excuse to celebrate with friends and family, sharing the luck of the Irish with shamrocks and gold, and rocking the colour greenHere’s a way you can stay repping your favourite shade of green, while doing good for the community and your own well-being too.  

    Rather than doing St. Patty’s the old fashion way, let’s bring in a new pandemic fad and “ggreen together. This starts with changing our habits and adopting ways to be more environmentally friendly! Here are 8 ways to get started: 

    Use your green bin 

    • Buy compostable bags.  
    • Have a smaller compost bin inside and once its full, bring it out to the green bin! This is a great method to encourage you to use it more.   
    • Here is a list from the Niagara Region of what can be disposed of in a green bin.  

    Plant a garden  

    • Whether this is inside, a stand-up garden, or a small section in your backyard, choose a few vegetables, herbs, or fruit to grow on your own! 
    • Herb gardens need a lot of sunlight but can live inside year-round. 
    • Plant your fruits and vegetables early this spring to be ready for the summer.  
    • This is a great way to eat healthier and can be a fun activity to last you all summer long.  

    Use reusable containers  

    • Give up the plastic bags and go reusable.  
    • Use glass containers over plastic.  
    • Bring your own bags to the grocery store or other places. 

    Create clean air with houseplants  

    • Fill your house with gorgeous greenery 
    • Think you don’t have what it takes to have a green thumb? Here is a list of plants impossible to kill! (Okay not impossible, but extremely difficult!) 

    Shop local  

    • Help your local businesses by shopping locally! 
    • Take a day to explore your own town to see what they have to offer.  
    • Many local businesses offer online purchasing and door step delivery. 

    Avoid the disposables 

    • Rather than using one-use disposable items, switch to items that can be reused.  
    • Avoid one-use plastics like water bottles and straws.  
    • Check out this list for reusable household items.  

    Laundry? Wash full loads  

    • Save on energy and water by washing a full load of laundry.  
    • Be creative with your outfit choices or plan out what to wear for the week before having to wash laundry.  
    • Wash your full load in cold water.  

    Thrift it!  

    • Anyone else noticing that thrifting is the greatest thing of all time? After all, they do say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. 
    • Check out Facebook Marketplace for some great local finds. Find a way to have a contactless pick-up. (Be sure to exercise safety measures when arranging pickups). 
    • Rather than bringing items to the dump, make a trip to your local Goodwill or Value Village. 
    • Update your furniture yourself! There are many resources online that teach you to dive into DIY projects like a professional. You can take that old dresser and make it new again! 

    In order for our environment to flourish, it starts with us taking the small steps to make an impact. When our entire Brock community comes together, we can do amazing things. 

    Good luck and Go Green! 

    Your friendly Neighbourhood Badger


  • 5 Simple Ways to Develop a New Healthy Habit (And Make it Last!) 

    I bet you’ve told yourself that you were going to exercise more this year. Maybe you were going to adopt a healthier eating plan and set aside the chips for a while. Maybe you wanted to be more mindful and focus on your well-being. Or maybe you wanted to be more intentional and connect with the things or people you love the most.  

    Did you set these goals and then eventually give up because they felt unachievable? Did you try to carry out all these goals at once and experience feeling overwhelmed, so you subconsciously stopped doing them? Research says it takes about 21 days to create a habit that sticks. This statement may be true for some, but for others it could take much longer than a 3-week period. Here are a few ways to focus on developing a new healthy habit that sticks without focusing on a timeline.   

    Master one habit at a time

    • Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, or well-being, it’s best to master one goal at a time rather than diving deep into multiple goals all at once. 
    • Focus on achieving one habit until it becomes a part of your daily routine and build from there. 

    Set realistic goals  

    • Keep it simple.  
    • Build upon existing goals. 
    • Set a manageable and achievable goal that suits you and your lifestyle. 
    • Be sure it’s something you know you can manage. 

    Document progress  

    • Track your progress in a journal. 
    • Set milestones. 
    • Reward yourself with each milestone you reach. 
      • New workout clothes 
      • Doing something you love 
      • Buying something nice 

    Incorporate your goal everyday 

    • Plan your goal into your day and do not plan your day around your goal. 
    • Fit your goal in where its most suitable for you – this will make it more enjoyable and easier to do.

    Share your progress  

    • Talk about it with others and hold yourself accountable. 
    • Share your experiences, trials, and strugglesBeing open and honest with yourself is part of the journey! 

    Starting a habit can be tough but sticking to it and making it a part of your lifestyle is something to celebrate. Following these steps above can lead you to success in your habits and your goals to help you feel accomplished.  

    Good Luck my Friends!  

    Your friendly Neighbourhood Badger 

  • The new Zone is open!

    We are excited that the newly expanded Zone is open now for Brock student use.  Due to Ontario guidelines for “red” zones, only 10 people can use the space during each booked time.

    Read the full story on The Brock News: In the Zone: new fitness centre opens at Brock.

  • 5 Money-Saving Tips for Eating Healthy 

    The days of a university diet consisting of only Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodles are over! Money might but tight but there are ways you can save on your groceries to be able to afford the food you want and your body needs. Here are a few tips and tricks to save you some money and teach you how to grocery shop right  

     1. Download applications like Flipp  

    • This app supplies flyers for all local grocers in your area where you can browse all flyers that would apply to price matching at the stores you shop at. You can “save the offers” and they will appear at the bottom of your grocery list 
    • To get further savings back you can download apps like “Caddle“, “Checkout 51” Where you upload receipts and then cash out for a cheque once a certain amount is collected.

    2. Build a grocery list  

    • Either create your own or build it inside the Flipp app 
    • Type in the items on your list into the Flipp app and find the flyers for each item  
    • Stick to your list and get only the essentials  

    3. Visit a store that allows you to price match  

    • Many stores allow this (ask cashier if you’re unsure) 
    • Have proof these items are cheaper at other locations 
    • Place items in order on the conveyer as they are ordered in your app  

    4. Visit stores that have rewards points 

    • Get points that count towards groceries for your next grocery shop  

    5. Organize the items  

    • Separate items price matching vs. not price matching 
    • In a grocery cart, use the upper and lower part to separate the items  

    Things to Note when price matching:  

    • If getting close to weekly flyer switch over date, ensure you are using a price match from a flyer that will be current when at the store 
    • When price matching weighted items such as produce, the majority of stores will want the “Price Per Kilogram” which is usually in a smaller font then the price per pound 
    • Meat needs to be price matched at the meat counter, NOT at the cashier 
    • A Loblaw banner store who offers price matching such as Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, etc. will/should always price match another Loblaw banner store. These include but are not limited to; Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Shoppers, Loblaws, etc. 

    Grocery shopping can be made fun with a little effort! Take control owhat you want to put in your cart and enjoy your meals weekly while making the healthier choice.  

    Happy shopping 

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Badger  

  • 5 Hiking Trails to Check Out in Niagara 

    Yes, you can still go for walks/hikes in the winter! And not just around your neighborhood with scantily shovelled sidewalks. There are plenty of paths in the Niagara Region that won’t have you trudging through snow. . Get outside and enjoy the beautiful landscapes Niagara has to offer!  

    1. Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site 

    You may be familiar with this one! This quarry is right across from Brock and you have probably either been there before or at least seen it as you pass it on your way to campus. Located right behind Quarry View Residence along Sir Isaac Brock Way, The Glenridge Quarry offers multiple pathways that lead you to the quarry pond or up to the top of the hill. Here you can see Brock, Niagara Falls, and sometimes catch a glimpse of the Toronto skyline 

    2. Malcolmson Eco Park 

    This little patch of forested trail is located at the north end of Niagara Street by Lake Ontario and Lock 1. The paths here are forested and flat, making it good for even the windiest of days.! The 307 Niagara Street or 308 Grantham-Lakeshore bus will take you right there, so there are no excuses to not go and explore. 

    3. Woodend Conservation Area 

     Just past the NOTL Outlets and behind Niagara College you will find Woodend Conservation Area. The main road into the conservation area is closed in the winter but that’s what makes this trail feel like  cottage country. Take the road all the way in or follow the trails that line the beautiful Niagara escarpment 

    4. Wainfleet Wetlands 

    Take a drive out to Wainfleet and check out this beautiful quarry. This Quarry is home to some of the oldest fossils that are visible in the Niagara region. The trails around the quarry have multiple lookout points to have a full view of the pond. This is also great area for fishing if you have a licence 

    5. Lookout Trail (Beamer Memorial Conservation Area in Grimsby) 

    A favourite winter walking trail that’s easy to tackle!   This one is located in Grimsby so it’s a bit of a drive from Brock, but well worth the view. The loop is only about a kilometre long but like most trails in Niagara, it meets up with the Bruce Trail so you can continue on if you want a longer hike. . If you are satisfied with the upper loop there is bottom part of the trail, just be aware that if you hike  down you’ll have to get back up! 

    Check out some other trails Niagara has to offer 

    • Burgoyne Woods 
    • Canal Valley 
    • Centennial Gardens 
    • Mel Stuart Lake Gibson Conservation Park 
    • St. John’s Conservation Area  

    If you haven’t explored the region, go and enjoy these beautiful trails year-round! 

    Your friendly neighbourhood Badger 


    Important: COVID Regulations 

    • Keep 2 metres / 6 feet apart from anyone not in your household 
    • Wear a mask when you cannot maintain 2 metres/6 feet apart 
    • Limit groups to 5 people or less from the same household
    • Move aside to allow others to pass 
  • 8 Simple Rules to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Being healthy doesn’t only mean working out and eating healthy, it is focusing on holistic health. These tips are easy and cheap solutions to gain motivation, being happier and healthier each day. By following these 8 simple rules, it will help with reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing productivity.  

    1. Meal prep/meal plan

    At the beginning of the week, make a meal plan and stick to it. If you are someone who doesn’t like to cook or find you are too busy, take one day to prep your meals for the week. These easy to grab and go meals are a healthier and cheaper option 

    2. Plan your day

    Take a moment to plan out your day either the night before or the morning of. This will increase your motivation and productivity. It also allows you to incorporate things you want to do into your day before time slips away.  

    3. Put your phone away 1 hour before bed

    Set your alarm and place your phone somewhere you won’t be urged to look at it. Take this time to allow your body to wind down and give your brain a break. Tiktok can wait!  

    4. Drink water 

    Drinking water has so many health benefits. Drinking water keeps you hydrated throughout the day and improves mood.  

    5. Exercise or move daily 

    Exercising has many great benefits to your health! Online fitness programs have become the new fad and are easily accessible! Check out Brock Recreation’s Expressfit on Demand for some workouts to follow along! If exercising isn’t for you, get up and move. Go for a walk, do some yoga, or take brain breaks and stretch! 

    6. Get a full 8 hours of sleep 

    Go to bed at a decent time and set your schedule to allow for a full 8 hours. You will be less tired and more productive.  

    7. Do one thing you love to do each day 

    Think about those things you love to do but never have time for. When planning your day, add in one of those things you love to do. This allows you to focus on self-worth and spend time doing things for you! 

    8. Have a goal in mind

    Picking up your lifestyle and changing it completely can be difficult for obvious reasons! Set a goal and take baby steps. Have a goal, stick to it, and build these goals. Once you achieve one, set the next and the next and the next! 

    Now, more than ever, we notice ourselves moving from the bedroom to the living room completing the same tasks each day. Whether this is schoolwork or working from home, we conform to the same things every day. A healthy lifestyle can easily be forgotten or set aside as we embrace the new normal but following these 8 simple rules will bring you to a healthier lifestyle.  

    Do it for you! Do it for your health!  

    Your friendly neighbourhood Badger 

  • 10 Things To Do This Reading Week 

    Reading week is fast approaching, which also indicates that we are halfway through the winter semester. In the midst of finishing up papers and submitting assignments, we would be packing our bathing suits and hitting the beaches down south. Or rather, we would be packing a different type of gear and hitting the slopes or heading home to see family and friends. Amid a much-needed break, the papers would still be written, and the assignments finished, but this reading week might look different for most!

    Here are some ways you can spend your reading week to improve mental health and prepare for the rest of the term.

    1. Screen free day – Spend an entire day without your computer, phone, tv or tablet. We have been spending more time than ever in front of screens. Give your eyes a break and plan a day full of non-screen activities.
    2. Test out a new recipe or order in from a local restaurant
    3. Get some outdoor exercise and go on a hike or go skating
    4. Complete a puzzle or play board games.
    5. Have an online social with friends
    6. Make a scavenger hunt with your roommates or family that you can do at home
    7. Meditate every day
    8. Check in to Experience BU to take part in workshops and activities.
    9. Read a book
    10. Crafting is in! Try out a DIY from TikTok or Pinterest

    Use this time to take care of YOU and your health. Follow along with this list of ideas and complete whichever ones speak to you at your own pace.

    Wishing you all an enjoyable Reading Week! Get some studying in but be sure to take time to relax and have fun too.

    Your friendly neighbourhood Badger

  • Fitness Equipment; The New Toilet Paper

    Yes, you read that correctly! Fitness equipment is the new toilet paper. No, we’re not implying or in any way suggesting that you attempt to use it as one in the same, but if you’ve attempted to buy a set of dumbbells recently you may have flashbacks to empty shelves in the hygiene aisle back in early 2020. Fitness equipment is hard to come by right now and if you are lucky enough to find any in stock, chances are you’re paying a premium.  With that being said, here are 3 options to consider for at-home fitness equipment. 

     1: Buy Used 

     Aside from cardio equipment, most fitness equipment does the same thing now as it did ten years ago. With that in mind, here are some tips when buying used equipment: 

    • Check out Kijiji and Facebook marketplace for items in your local area 
    • With the right timing, you can score a great deal on used equipment online 
    • Be sure to be safe when buying equipment, bring a member of your household with you and arrange for contactless pickup once stay-at-home orders are lifted 

    2: Shop Local 

    Southern Ontario has a range of residential fitness equipment dealers, here are some of my recommendations: 

    • Niagara Fitness Solutions
      • Niagara and Hamilton location
      • Family-run business
      • Managed by Brock Alumni 
    • Treadmill Factory
      • Locations in London, Mississauga, Markham, Barrie and across Canada
      • Ships to most areas within days
    • Matrix Fitness 
      • Supplies and manufactures both residential and commercial fitness equipment 
      • Much of the new Zone equipment came from here 
      • Most equipment is made in Canada 

    3: DIY Equipment 

    There are plenty of options for at-home hacks to reduce the need for expensive equipment purchases. Here are some of our suggestions: 

    • TRX Suspension Trainer 
      • Very versatile 
      • Second-to-none core engagement 
      • An instructional video for one of my favourite versions can be found here. 
      • Tip: if using a door as an anchor point, be sure to use a door that open away from you for added strength. A solid or steel door is ideal 
    • Dumbbells 
    • Family-size laundry detergent jugs filled with water 
      • Great to use as they have integrated handles 
      • Increase or decrease the amount of water to adjust the weight 
      • Irregular weight distribution can give your forearms a great extra burn 

    If you’re looking to add more to your fitness routine to stay active during lockdown and need that extra motivation, join us foour ExpressFit Live or ExpressFit On Demand classes. Always remember that anything is better than nothing when it comes to exercise and just because it isn’t the gym, doesn’t mean it isn’t fitness! 

     Stay active and stay safe! 

    Your friendly neighbourhood Badger 

  • Let’s Talk About It

    Being isolated from your social life and practically doing everything virtually is hard! Many of us thrive on interaction, and this year, hasn’t provided us with many opportunities to interact with others at the capacity we used to. It’s been hard for us all but let’s talk about it.  

    This week is the annual Bell Let’s Talk event, which raises awareness about mental health. The proceeds will fund both mental health supports and research in Canada.   

    It’s important to remember that mental health isn’t a one time “event”, it affects many people every single day. With the pandemic, the need for support has increased more than ever.  

    Take the time out of your day to reach out to others or ask for support if you feel you are struggling. It’s ok to talk about it.  

    Did you know, Brock provides great resources that are accessible, even during the pandemic.  

    • The Student Wellness and Accessibility  Centre (SWAC) website provides a confidential personal counselling, mental health nurses, drop in Peer to Peer support and other resources for students.   
    • My Student Support App (My SSP) is free 24-hour confidential text and talk counselling and also has videos, self-screening, and fitness programming. 
    • Follow @BrockSWAC for resources and workshops available to you!  

    It is easy to forget to focus on your well-being when life gets busy.. Here are a few tips to stay positive and healthy.  

    • Enjoy the small things: take this time to reset and focus on the little details you would often overlook. Watch the sunset, browse at nature, enjoy the smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven. 
    • Set a routine: Build a calendar and write it out!  
    • Study in a different space than you sleep:  Get 8 hours of sleep each night and enjoy it!  It’s tempting to keep your laptop by your bed, so you can wake up and join that synchronous class without getting up – but keep your bed for relaxation! 
    • Eat breakfast  
    • Move every single day: exercise, go for a walk, join an on-line class (Brock Recreation has a whole library of on-demand and live classes and there are classes on your My SSP app), use some soup cans for small weights. 
    • Take a snack break. Research shows that short bouts of exercise is valuable! (is this about snacks or exercise?) 
    • Relax: breathe deeply, take an on-line yoga class, schedule this time in your day! 

    On Thursday, January 28th, use #BellLetsTalk for every applicable text, call, tweet, or TikTok video and Bell will donate 5 cents for mental health initiatives. We’re all here to raise awareness about mental health and take action. This year, more than ever I encourage you to lend the hand a little further and talk about it. Reach out, stay in touch, express how you feel and together we can help.  

    Let’s talk about it,  

    Your friendly neighborhood Badger