Intramural COVID-19 Protocols

Before League Begins

  • All Intramural participants must be registered as a “2021-2022 Intramural Participant” online
  • All intramural participants must have joined their respective teams on IMLeagues

During League Play

  • All participants will be expected to wear a mask at all times when attending their intramural league game. This includes before the game begins, while a substitute on the side and after the game ends. The only time masks will be permitted to be off is when participants are actively participating in their outdoor intramural game.
  • No handshakes between teams will take place. Feel free to wave and say a “good game”
  • Markers will be places on the sidelines for where substitutions should stand while waiting to enter the game
  • All equipment will be cleaned between games
  • Teams will be directed to opposite sides of the playing area to prepare for their game
  • Teams are expected to show up no more then 5 minutes before their schedule game time and promptly leave after their game