Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons can be booked at the Walker Complex Welcome Desk. Available May-October during regular operating hours, and based on weather and court availability

Tennis Lessons are available to anyone aged 6 and up, regardless of experience level.


Beginners of all ages (6 and up) will receive basic tennis instruction which will include: forehand and backhand ground-strokes (including the one-handed and two-handed backhand), volley, and serve. As well, you will learn proper grips, footwork, basic tactics, rules of the game, advice on proper equipment and how to score. Depending on your level and age, you will also learn about specialty shots such as the lob, overhead and half-volley. Tennis will be taught in a fun, yet challenging manner to take you to the next level. Eye-hand coordination drills and games will be included.

Intermediate Players

Intermediate players will also receive instruction on all aspects of the game as described for beginners but at a more advanced level and with the purpose of also correcting any improper ‘swing’ motions and footwork issues. Advice on tactics/strategy will be incorporated into the lessons during fun game situations and drills. Extra attention will put focus on the serve: slice, topspin, flat; and the slice backhand.

Lessons may be completed individually, or shared by as many as 4 people


One session$45$53
Three sessions$120$144
Five sessions$185$225
Ten sessions$305$385

*Racquets can be provided should you require one for your lesson. All lessons are approximately one hour in length.