On Campus ExpressFit Classes



(These classes are free to brock students and members)

Jan 16- Apr 6

(No classes Feb 20-24)

9:10a3,2,1 (FS)
10:10a3,2,1 (FS)Beginner Weights (FS)Balls & Weights (FS)Bars & Bands (FS)Spin (SS)
11:10aTai Chi (FS)Core & More (FS)Beginner Weights (FS)Full Body Strength (FS)
11:10aSpin (SS)
12:10pSpin (SS)
1:10pSpin (SS)Spin & Bands (SS)
1:10pStep Strength (FS)
4:10pCore & More (FS)Full Body Strength (FS)
5:10pBars & Bands (FS)
6:10pSpin (SS)Spin & Bands (SS)Spin (SS)Spin (SS)
7:10pStep Strength (FS)
7:10pAqua Bootcamp (Pool)Aqua Dance (Pool)


Full Body Strength:  Focuses on strengthening using weights and body weight exercises.    

Core & More:  Plank, lunge and crunch through this class to activate that core and more. 

Spin: Get in your cardio and core strength work here. The use of the bike will target those lower body muscles in a high energy environment.

Spin & Bands: Split your time on the bike with this cardio and resistance training combo class.

Step Strength:  This strength class incorporates a step to target the muscles and increase strength.

Bars & Bands: Focus on strength training with this bars and bands class.

Beginner Weights: Learn proper form and technique with a variety of strength training exercises.

3,2,1: This class is a full body workout featuring: 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength, 1 minute of core work during each round.

Tai Chi: Improve flexibility, balance, meditation and other health benefits with this martial art inspired class.

Balls & Weights:  This class has it all; cardio and strength full body light impact workouts.

Jump Rope Tricks: Master the jump rope and learn new jump rope tricks and tips.

SS = Spin Studio (located in The Zone)

FS= Fitness Studio (enter through the squash court hallway)

ZS= Zone Studio (2nd floor near the cardio deck)

Pool = Meet on the pool deck (through the locker rooms).  Please arrive in swim attire.