Student Climbing Sessions


One of the hidden gems on campus nestled by the edge of the escarpment at the far west end of campus is Brock’s challenge course (ropes course).  The challenge course is operated by Youth University and is used as an outdoor education learning centre for youth in camps during the summer, elementary and high school field trips throughout the school year.   It is also used as a teambuilding program for Brock and Adult groups.   

Recently we held two 0-week climbs that booked up both days offered.  It was great to see students of all years and programs connecting at the course.  Supporting each other as climbers challenged themselves on different elements and seeing the sense of accomplishment as the climber descended.  To us, as outdoor educators, this is what climbing is all about, the connections made, pushing perceived boundaries, challenging your perceived abilities and celebrating accomplishments.  

 Climbing is also a fun and unique recreational experience.  With limited teambuilding programs taking place this year Brock Recreation will be offering climbing sessions once a week starting September 22 until Mother Nature tells us it’s getting too cold outside.  In Inclement weather conditions (Thunder, lightning, excessive wind and heavy downpours) the climbing sessions will be postponed.  Brock’s course offers a number of high ropes elements of varying difficulty and multiple rock wall climbing options. 

Pre-registration will be required for the climbing sessions and will open every Friday at noon. 

 Some key things to keep in mind when your register and arrive for a climbing session 

  1. You MUST be wearing a mask and closed toed shoes to participate. We would also recommend longer shorts or pants for comfort when wearing a harness but this is up to you.  
  2. If you have long hair, you will need to tie it back in a low pony. And remove any jewelry that may be at risk of getting pulled.  
  3. You will be given all the climbing equipment required, including a helmet and harness assigned just to you.  
  4. Please check in at the cage in the Walker Complex to confirm session time and receive a wrist band. 
  5. You will need to complete a waiver before climbing and we ask that you use the provided hand sanitizer before and after your climb 
  6. If you no longer plan to attend, please cancel your registration. This will allow another student a chance to attend.  

 We look forward to seeing you at the course. 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger