Guide to Safely Access and use Walker Complex Facilities

It feels good to see our Recreation facilities in the Walker Sports Complex being used by students again. The Zone Fitness Centre is no longer sitting silent, the radio is on, and all the workout stations and new equipment are being used. Waves are being made in the pool again by swimmers doing laps, the Alumni turf field has intramural soccer happening and varsity basketball practice is in the gym again. 

The life and vibe of the Walker Sports Complex is coming back, and we are excited about the arrival of students in September. With this return we have a few Covid safety guidelines to keep Walker running smoothly and safely during the month of August. 


Anyone accessing the Walker Sports Complex for activity must complete the Brock University Covid-19 Self-Assessment/Information form on the Brock Safety app (download for free) prior to attending. The result of your screening must be shown to the screener at the entrance. If you do not “pass” your screening, please do not arrive in-person at Brock University. 

Pre-Booking Activity  

Each Friday, the reservation system opens for the following week for students to book their activity (indoors and outdoors). You must read and sign the Recreation Waiver, as well as Brock’s Covid-19 waiver the first time you reserve a time slot to work out. 

Equipment and Service Changes 

  • All pieces of equipment within the Zone Fitness Centre have been spaced to have a minimum of 2 metres between pieces or are marked as out of service. 
  • Showers and locker rooms are currently only available for those reserving time in the pool. For other activities, please come dressed for your activity. 
  • Water fountains are unavailable, bottle fillers are available. We ask that you arrive with a full container of water, and only use the bottle fillers should you need additional hydration. 
  • Locker and towel service is currently unavailable. You are asked to take any belongings with you to the activity space. 
  • Where necessary, we can lend some equipment (balls, racquets). All are cleaned after each use. Please bring your own equipment wherever possible. 
  • Saunas, whirlpool, track, squash courts are currently unavailable. 

 Masks, PPE, Safety for all 

  • All are expected to maintain 2 metres of physical distancing between themselves and others while in the Walker Sports Complex. 
  • Within the Zone, trainers are not permitted to “spot” you. Please adjust your weight selection so that you can manage on your own. 
  • Masks are to be worn within the facilities with the following exceptions: masks may be removed once you reach your lane at the pool. Masks may be removed at specific cardio equipment within the Zone Fitness Centre. 


Ensuring that equipment and facilities are safe and clean is the responsibility of all. Participants are expected to use the spray and wipe towels that are provided to clean equipment before and after each use. Staff and custodians are continuing to perform extra cleaning, including touch point cleaning. 

At the end of each day, additional disinfecting occurs using electrostatic spraying to clean all equipment. 

 Following these guidelines will help create a continual safe operation of our facilities that are there for your health, well-being and enjoyment. 

 Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger