Our Top 5 Summer Backyard Games

Our Top 5 Summer Backyard Games 

 Summer is in full swing, our favorite time of year.  Time for relaxation, trips to the cottage, camping, hanging out by a backyard pool, soaking in the sun and playing some backyard games with friends and family. 

When it comes to backyard games there’s no shortage of options. It seems like there’s a new game created every year. The fun part about backyard games is they’re made to be played in relatively small areas outdoors and don’t need a large space to have fun. Also, a lot of them can be made at home. We just recently completed a DIY bean bag toss project (keep an eye out for it in the Walker Complex courtyard in the future)! 


 With that being said, here’s our Top 5 list of Backyard Games for this Summer. 

  1. Bean Bag Toss 

Probably the start of the backyard game boom.  Bean bag toss has scoring similar to horseshoes and requires either 2 or 4 players.  The game is simple, doesn’t require tons of skill to get points and games can happen quickly.  You get 1 point for landing the bean bag on the board and 3 points for getting it in the hole. 

            2.  Kan Jam 

Kan Jam requires a playing partner with one throwing a frisbee towards the other partner who then tries to deflect or dunk the frisbee into their respective can.  The thrower can also collect points by hitting the can directly or getting an instant win by fitting the frisbee into the slot on the can.  Games are to 21 points, require two teams and can get highly competitive.  

            3.  Ladder Golf 

Maybe not as popular anymore as in years past but ladder golf is still easily making this top 5 list.  Usually, the most durable sets are the ones you make yourself with PVC pipe.  Another 2 or 4 player game ladder golf involves throwing 2 golf balls tied to a string at each other teams ladder rungs trying to wrap them around the lower rung for 1 point, middle rung for 2 points and top rung for 3 points.   

              4.  Giant Connect 4 

This one is a little more laid back in terms of physical effort. It’s a version of the classic Connect 4 game where you try to line up 4 of your discs in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  Generally made from wood or plastic discs, this a great backyard option for the pool deck or patio. 

              5.  Bocce Ball 

May be the original backyard game to ever be created (that or croquet).  Bocce ball is a timeless option which requires a bit more room in a backyard or beach area.  The game requires 4 players officially but can be played with anywhere from 2 to 8 players.  One designated player throws the Pallino (little white ball) and everyone takes turns trying to get their bocce balls closest to the Pallino, with extra points for touching it.  It is also lots of fun to knock someone’s else’s bocce away when they are close to the Pallino. 

Enjoy having some backyard fun this Summer, 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Badger