5 Reasons to Start running Today

5 Reasons to Start Running Today 

With the nice weather arriving, it’s the perfect time to lace up those running shoes that have been sitting in your closet all winter. Taking time out of your day to be physically active is so important and running is a great way to do this! 

If you’re not sure where to start your running journey, look no further than Brock Recreation! Starting on Wednesday, May 25 we will be running a 6 week “Learn to Run a 5k” program. With this program you’ll be provided with weekly plans, tips and tricks for running, drop-in sessions with a personal trainer, nutrition advice, and accountability. Here’s some reasons why joining this program is a great idea: 

  1. Stress relief

Running is a great outlet for your stress! The “runners high” you always hear about is due to our brains releasing endorphins, which are known as the “happy” hormones. Also, it can reduce anxiety and stress by slowing down the release of cortisol, one of the “stress hormones.” 

  1. Good for your immune system

Having a good immune system is on many peoples mind right now. Running is a great way to give your immune system the boost it needs! It can reduce chronic inflammation, increases white blood cells and antibodies, and fight off infection/slows bacteria from multiplying. 

  1. Gets you outside

`Getting some fresh air is needed for many of us during lockdowns and after winter weather. Being outside is proven to restore our focus, enhance creativity, and reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Not to mention it gives us our daily dose of vitamin D, something many Canadians are deficient in. 

  1. Gives you energy & helps you sleep

Kick the caffeine and start running for that daily boost of energy! Those endorphins that come from the “runners high” can give you energy for up to hours later. Running also strengthens the heart, which will give us more stamina. Additionally, running can help you have a better sleep, which will help increase your energy. 

  1.  Live longer 

If all those reasons didn’t convince you than this one will! Running can help you live longer! Studies have shown that those who run regularly for even as little as 50 minutes a week have less of a chance of developing cardiovascular disease or cancer. That’s only 5-10 minutes a day! 

To learn more and register for our Learn to Run 5k program, visit https://brocku.ca/recreation/learn-to-run-5k/ 


Happy running! 

Your friendly neighbourhood Badger