Sociology as a discipline challenges everyday assumptions about the world in which we live. Sociologists turn ‘common sense’ ideas on their head through critical examination of social institutions, relationships and conditions shaping the world and the experiences of individuals.

Sociology students are encouraged to develop and employ their sociological imagination to examine the complex social world, relationships and the human condition.

Three degree streams are available, as single majors or combined majors between Sociology and other disciplines. A collaborative program is also offered, where students may earn both a degree and a diploma.

Our Honours program allows for optional concentrations in Critical Animal Studies or Criminology.

Critical Animal Studies provides an analysis of the role and treatment of animals in society from the perspectives of animal justice, inequality and speciesism.

Criminology offers a critical analysis of the criminal justice system and examines sources of inequality in law, corrections and punishment. We hope to announce a degree in Criminology soon.

Minors may be pursued by non-Sociology majors in either Sociology or Critical Animal Studies.

  • BA in Sociology
  • Minors in Critical Animal Studies or Sociology

Expected cut-off: mid 70s

Career outcomes

  • Policy/data analyst, researcher
  • Human and animal rights advocacy, union organizer
  • Counsellor, life coach, social services programming
  • Immigration, customs, corrections, law
  • International relations and development

Prerequisite requirements

  • English (ENG4U)