General Humanities

Our BA in General Humanities is designed to allow you to pursue a more flexible selection of courses, with broad exposure to courses from across all of our Faculties.

At the same time, the degree provides the opportunity to focus on a particular area of study, with the majority of courses taken in disciplines within the Faculty of Humanities. You also have the option of including up to two minors in this degree.

  • BA in General Humanities

Expected cut-off: mid 70s

Studying in the Humanities provides you with optimal choice. You will apply to a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – Faculty of Humanities, and may choose your major program after having the opportunity to explore various courses in first year.

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Career outcomes

  • Completion of the BA General Humanities degree may lead to a wide range of employment options, depending on the specific courses that are chosen

Prerequisite requirements

  • English (ENG4U)

Recommended subjects

  • One from 4U history, 4U philosophy, 4U classical studies, or 4U international language.