Canadian Studies

Do you really know Canada? As a Canadian Studies student you will develop a deep understanding of the culture, politics, history, and geography that forms Canada’s complicated national identity.

The Centre for Canadian Studies offers a co-major (so you would take Canadian Studies along with another major, such as History, English, French, Popular Culture, Geography, or Politics). Students can also add Canadian Studies as a minor field, so it would enhance their studies in nearly any program at Brock.

Situated on the Border between Canada and the United States, and in a region steeped in history of Indigenous peoples, settler communities, and the War of 1812 that helped define Canadians as a people, Brock’s Centre for Canadian Studies is an ideal place to learn about the fascinating, complicated, and ever-changing way Canadians understand themselves and their place in the world.

Along with a deep understanding of Canada, as a Canadian Studies student you will develop advanced communication and research skills, learn interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and explore national and international perspectives on issues affecting Canada and the world. You will also have the opportunity to participate in local and cross-border conferences and the potential for international exchanges with partners abroad.

Understanding Canada to this depth provides you with a grounding and insight that will enhance your life and career. Canadian Studies graduates are in demand in many careers, including law, business, policy analysis, health, education, and government service.

  • BA in Canadian Studies
  • Minor in Canadian Studies

Expected cut-off: mid 70s

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Career outcomes

  • International relations
  • Business
  • Government
  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Education

Prerequisite requirements

  • English (ENG4U)

Recommended subjects

  • One from 4U history, 4U philosophy, 4U classical studies, or 4U international language.