Biophysics is the physics of life, of all living systems and their interaction with their surroundings, both natural and artificial. It is a rapidly advancing field, encompassing a wide variety of areas in natural and life sciences.

Biophysics uses all methods of scientific inquiry — theory, experiment and large-scale computer simulation — to understand living systems at the molecular level.

Biophysics also forms the basis of many aspects of medical physics, another rapidly developing field in much demand right now.

Brock’s Biophysics program will provide you with a superb learning environment and exciting research opportunities. Extended research opportunities are available through Brock’s participation in the Biophysics Interdepartmental Group (BIG), based at the University of Guelph.

  • BSc in Biophysics

Expected cut-off: mid 70s

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Career outcomes

  • Medical and health physicist
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmental sciences
  • Food and agricultural industries
  • Medical laboratory technology

Prerequisite requirements

  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U) (min.70%) or Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) (min.70%)
  • Chemistry (SCH4U) (min.70%)
  • Two from: Biology (SBI4U), Physics (SPH4U), Earth and Space Science (SES4U), or second 4U math or English (ENG4U)

Recommended subjects

  • English (ENG4U)