Interdisciplinary Humanities (PhD)

This doctoral program provides students with a focused context to engage with topics integral to the contested notions of knowledge, values and creativity as reflected in the specific fields of critique and social transformation, culture and aesthetics, technology and digital humanities and way of knowing.  The program aims to prepare students for future careers in research and teaching or professions requiring abilities in disciplined study, critical discernment, and robust application of creative insight.


  • Ways of Knowing
  • Critique and Social Transformation
  • Culture and Aesthetics
  • Technology and Digital Humanities

Entry point:

  • September


  • Thesis – 12 terms (4 years)

Application deadline:

  • February 1

*Please note that applications are accepted until the program is full.  Please contact the program directly for more details.

Admission requirements

  1. Check the university requirements and the program requirements.
  2. Complete the online application and submit the non-refundable application fee.
  3. An interview may be required.
  4. You will need to submit your transcripts as well as the following program-specific materials:
    • Three references are required.
    • A Statement of Intent (the statement of intent should be three to four pages long (excluding bibliography), outlining your topic, the literature on the subject, the contribution you hope your PhD research will make to this area of research, and your theory and methodology)
    • A sample of scholarly writing (this can be an essay, journal article, research paper or extract of a thesis (single author only) of no more than ten pages in length)
    • A current CV