Nursing, (BN/MN) Concurrent Degrees

The concurrent Bachelor of Nursing/Master of Nursing (BN/MN) program enables graduates of a 4-year bachelor’s degree in various fields to receive a combined baccalaureate and master’s degrees within a unique, continuous, five-term, intensive curriculum configuration. The only program of its kind in Canada, the BN/MN program works to educate students in five areas of competency: professional responsibility and accountability, knowledge-based practice, ethical practice, service to the public, and self-regulation.  Graduates of the concurrent BN/MN program are eligible to write the NCLEX-RN registration exam.

Entry point:

  • May


  • Course-based (5 terms)

Application deadline:

  • October 15

Admission requirements

Admission Requirements:

  1. Check the university requirements and the program requirements.
  2. Complete the online application and submit the non-refundable application fee ($140). Please read all steps of the application process before applying.
  3. Applicants must have completed a four-year (non-nursing) bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or equivalent, with a minimum average of 75% over the final two years of study. Applicants must also have completed the following university credit courses with a B grade or higher to be considered:
    • Introductory psychology (full course equivalent)
    • Developmental psychology - infant to adolescent or infant to older adult (half-course equivalent)
    • Human Anatomy (half-course equivalent)
    • Human Physiology (half-course equivalent)
    • Microbiology (half-course equivalent)
    • Statistics (half-course equivalent)
    • Research methods (half-course equivalent)


You will need to submit your transcripts as well as the following program-specific materials:

Career outcomes

  • Acute care hospitals 
  • Public health 
  • Research 
  • Administration 
  • Policy Development