Chemistry (MSc)

Chemistry at Brock offers graduate students the opportunity to work with large instrumentations, including NMR spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, ETR spectroscopy, gas chromatography and the HPCl.


  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical and Computational Methods

Entry point:

  • January, May, September


  • Thesis – 6 terms (2 years)

Application deadline:

Applications are considered when received. Please contact the program directly for more details.

Admission requirements

  1. Check the university requirements and the program requirements.
  2. Complete the online application and submit the non-refundable application fee.
  3. You will need to submit your transcripts as well as the following program specific materials:
    • Three references are required.
    • Statement of Research Interest: No more than two pages in length, in which applicants indicate their career aspirations/plans, specific research interests, and experience relevant to their interests. If a potential thesis supervisor has been contacted, he/ she must be identified in the statement of intent.
    • The program may require an applicant to submit the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in Chemistry as part of the application materials.
    • Acceptance into the program requires that a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry agrees to supervise the student’s research program. If a potential thesis supervisor has been contacted, this should be identified in the statement of research interest. See the department website for information regarding faculty members.
    • A brief curriculum vitae (CV)

Career outcomes

  • PhD. Programs in Chemistry
  • Professional degree programs: MBA, Pharmacy, Medical School, Law School
  • Analytical chemist
  • Research Scientist in Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Petroleum and Food Science Industries
  • Laboratory technician
  • Product/Process Development Chemist
  • Healthcare Scientist
  • Science writer
  • School teacher
  • Intellectual property specialist