English (MA)

The English program challenges students throughout each stage of an intensive year of study to prepare them for the widest possible range of career options. Students engage in a critical examination of the power of texts to reflect and shape both communities of origin and communities of reception. They also examine how literary and non-literary texts are produced and used in the often-conflicting discourses that constitute the culture of community.

Entry point:

  • September (full-time or part-time)


  • MRP or Thesis – 3 terms (1 year)

This program is funded for the defined length above as outlined on our financial page.

Application deadline:

  • February 1st
  • Applications are accepted until the program is full and may be looked at on a first come first serve basis after the deadline.

Applications typically open in October

Admission requirements

  1. Check the university requirements and the program requirements.
  2. Complete the online application and submit the non-refundable application fee.
  3. You will need to submit your transcripts as well as the following program-specific materials:
    • Two academic references are required.
    • A statement (of no more than two pages in length) of your specific academic interests and your related background preparation, with particular attention to a topic or topics and potential supervisor(s) appropriate for the Major Research Paper component of the program.
    • A recent writing sample demonstrating your ability to generate an informed academic argument pertinent to the field.

Career outcomes

  • PhD programs in English, Comparative
  • Literature, and other Humanities programs
  • Publishing
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Library and Archival work