Graduate Micro-Program in Adult and Postsecondary Education

Gain graduate-level expertise and accelerate your career with one of the Faculty of Education’s new Graduate Micro-Programs (GMPs).

Program Overview

The Graduate Micro-Program in Adult and Postsecondary Education engages students in a critical examination of theories, principles, and practices that influence learners across the lifespan of their learning. This concentration also examines key issues in post-secondary organizations.

Brock’s Graduate Micro-Programs are:

  • shorter in duration than traditional graduate degree programs;
  • programs are part-time and can be completed alongside work or family commitments;
  • may be taken as stand-alone programs, or provide you with a head-start in a degree program. With permission from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Program Committee, students may apply to transfer the credits earned in up to two (2) GMPs toward an application to the Master of Education program.

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Program Requirements

The Graduate Micro-Program in Adult and Postsecondary Education is comprised of three (3) half-credit courses, as detailed below. Course descriptions are available in the Graduate Calendar.

  • Required course: EDUC 5P05
  • Elective courses: Two of EDUC 5P14, 5P24, 5P33, 5P34, 5P35, 5P36, 5P51, 5P52, 5P84, 5V40

For a Graduate Micro-Program to be noted on an academic transcript, students must complete all requisite courses with a 70% or higher grade.

Delivery and Duration

Courses are usually delivered over a four-month term. Taken part-time with a maximum course load of two half-credit courses per term, students may be able to complete their full GMP in as little as two terms (eight months).

Course contact hours are typically 3 hours per week, delivered in person at Brock’s main campus. Some courses may be offered online, either synchronously or asynchronously. Additional time will be required to complete readings and assignments.

Entry Points and Application Deadlines*

  • Applications due Apr 15 for Winter (Jan 2024) entry
  • Applications due Oct 15 for Spring (May 2024) entry
  • Applications due Jan 15 for Fall (Sep 2024) entry

*Applications may be accepted beyond the published deadlines if spaces are available. Please enquire with the program team.


  • Application fee: TBC
  • Program fees: TBC. Fees are charged per half-credit course.

Admission Requirements

Applications will be considered from those with various experiences and qualifications who demonstrate the ability and aptitude to succeed in graduate-level study. While the standard admissions criteria for graduate studies applies (a four-year degree with a minimum 75% average over the last two years of full-time undergraduate study), applicants who do not meet the university’s minimum academic requirements may be considered if they can demonstrate equivalent competencies.

Equivalent competencies may include, but are not limited to:

  • a three-year diploma or degree coupled with relevant work experience (usually 3+ years);
  • significant and related professional experience (usually 5+ years);
  • substantial and relevant learning and skills development.

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in English as set out on the Faculty of Education’s graduate programs page.

Application Details

Interested applicants should submit with their application:

  • academic transcripts (from all previously completed and in progress post-secondary studies)
  • CV/resume detailing educational background and professional experience
  • letter of intent (500 words max) describing relevant educational, professional and/or leadership experiences

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