Accountancy (Graduate Diploma)

This program is designed for graduates of Goodman’s BAcc program. This program will start you on the path to the Common Final Exam (CFE) and your CPA designation.

In the Diploma program, you will take four courses that map to all of the CPA electives (Assurance, Finance, Tax & Performance Management), plus one general business elective. Although you will not be ready to write the CFE upon completion of this program, you will only have Capstone 1 and 2 left before proceeding to that exam and your designation.

The integrated and innovative coursework in the Diploma ensures that you receive an unparalleled accounting education. Throughout the program, critical thinking, analysis and communication skills are developed through the use of case study analysis, student discussion, presentations and research papers.

If you are interested in proceeding directly to the CFE, please visit our program page for our Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program.  

This is not a funded program.

Entry Point:

  • January


  • 4 Months

Application deadline:

The application review begins February 1 of each year and applications will be reviewed until the program is full. We encourage you to apply early, due to the competitive nature of the program.

Pre-Admission Assessments

We are happy to review your Brock transcript and IELTS/TOFEL score (if applicable), before you apply to our GDAC program.

A pre-admission assessment is the best way of assessing your eligibility/competitiveness for the GDAC program.

To request a free pre-admission assessment, log-in/ create an account on Goodman’s Graduate Portal and click on ‘Pre-assessment’ in the left-hand navigation.

Admission requirements

    • Successful completion of a four year Goodman Bachelor's degree in accounting (BAcc) with a B / 75% GPA based on the last two years of undergraduate study/
    • B / 75% Academic average in key accounting prerequisite courses (ACTG courses, FNCE 2P91 & 3P93)
    • Minimum 60% in prerequisite courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Canadian Business Law, Business Ethics, Business Strategy, Corporate Finance I & II, Intro. Financial Accounting, Intro. Management Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Accounting for External Reporting I, II, III & IV, Cost and Managerial Accounting I & II, Taxation I, II & III, Auditing Concepts, External Auditing I & II, Accounting Theory, Integration Problem Solving
    • Minimum English language Proficiency score (if applicable):
      • TOEFL iBT: 105
      • Academic IELTS: 7.5
  • APPLICATION DOCUMENTS  (all documents must be submitted electronically)
    • Online OUAC application
    • Application fee ($140 CAD)
    • Scanned original transcripts from all post-secondary institutions
    • Two academic references provided by business faculty members
    • Statement of interest
    • Resumé
    • Scan of official TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score (if applicable)
    • Personal interview with a faculty member may be required