• Public talk – Marcel O’Gorman’s Necromedia

    We will be hosting a public talk by Marcel O’Gorman (University of Waterloo) on “Necromedia: Technology, Death, and the Posthuman” on Monday, February 13, 2-3:30 pm, in Plaza 600F.

    Abstract: In his recent book Necromedia, Dr. O’Gorman argues that humans are technical animals, driven forward by a prosthetic way of being that causes us to deny our animality. Of course, part of that animality is our finitude, our inevitable deaths. As O’Gorman argues, death denial is an essential aspect of the human existential situation, and it helps explain why we are so easily seduced by technology’s promise of newness, fame, and immortality. In this talk, Dr. O’Gorman will elaborate on these arguments, present a posthumanist perspective on technoculture, and demonstrate how these ideas have inspired the design of digital objects-to-think-with created in the Critical Media Lab at the University of Waterloo.

    Speaker: Dr. O’Gorman is Professor of English, University Research Chair, and Director of Crirical Media Lab at the University of Waterloo. He has published widely on topics ranging from digital writing and maker culture to posthumanist philosophy and “digital dementia.” Dr. O’Gorman is also an active digital artist whose installations and performances involve video, sensor-based computing, interactive media, and sculptural objects such as a treadmill, a cedar and canvas canoe, a penny farthing bicycle, and a handmade arcade cabinet.

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  • Reading group meeting

    We are continuing our discussion of Claire Colebrook’s Death of the Posthuman on Thursday, January 19, 12 to 2 pm at the Karma Kameleon Gastropub in Thorold. Join us to discuss chapters 4 and 5.

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  • Reading Group Meeting

    We are continuing our discussion of Claire Colebrook’s Death of the Posthuman tomorrow, Friday November 11, 3-5 pm at the Karma Kameleon bistro in Thorold. Come and join us to discuss chapters 2 and 3.

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  • Reading Group meeting

    A group of PRI members will be meeting to discuss Claire Colebrook’s Death of the Posthuman (Introduction and Chapter 1) on Thursday October 27, 4-6 pm. Location TBD. Join us if you would like a good conversation on this important reading. This is the first of a series of meetings to discuss the whole work.

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  • Building the website

    We are currently working on building the website and inputing information about the institute and its activities. Stay tuned!

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