EPTC/PRI 2024 panel – Posthumanism and the Human-technology Nexus | Call for proposals/participation

Conference Date: June 16-18, 2024 – McGill University (Montreal)

Deadline for proposals: January 31, 2024.

This call for proposals/participation in an EPTC/PRI panel presents a unique opportunity to address emerging questions in the human-technology relationship. It seeks to identify dominant narratives, worldviews, and social structures that facilitate humanist tendencies. Posthumanist philosophy delves into our understanding of the human-technology nexus, fostering the creation of novel narratives about our future on this planet. This philosophy recognizes the continual influence of technology in our evolution and its crucial role in shaping our identity. In this context, the PRI is looking for proposals that utilize Posthumanism as a practical framework for an in-depth exploration of the human-technology relationship.

Themes for consideration include:

  1. Examine technology as an inherent aspect of human and cultural development, emphasizing the intertwined nature of human evolution and technological progress. Proposals should explore how this co-evolutionary process influences our understanding of what it means to be human.
  2. Investigate what it means to recenter our focus in posthumanist practices. If technology is deeply entangled in the development of human agency, beliefs, and behaviours, how does this influence our approach to decentering the ‘human’? Proposals should consider the implications of this entanglement for Posthumanist theory and practice.
  3. Discuss emergent posthumanist practices and research methodologies. The discussion should describe how the novel approaches can be used to deconstruct the prevalent narratives, perspectives, and beliefs that support a binary view of the human-technology relationship. Submissions should showcase the potential of the emergent practices and methods to reshape our conceptualization of the human-technology relationship, offering fresh perspectives and insights.


Submission Guidelines:

Proposals should be submitted in English and include

  • a clear title
  • a brief abstract (250-300 words) outlining the proposed project, research question, or artistic concept.
  • a detailed description of the proposed work, including objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes (up to 1000 words).
  • a brief bio (150-200 words) highlighting your relevant experience.
  • specify whether you are submitting an academic paper, an artistic project, or another format.
  • include any relevant references or prior work that informs your proposal.


Review Process:

All proposals will undergo a rigorous peer review process by experts in the fields of posthumanism, technology, and related areas. Submissions will be evaluated based on their originality, significance, and potential contribution to the understanding of posthumanism as a framework to think the human-technology nexus.


Important Dates:

  • Proposal Submission Deadline: January 31, 2024
  • Notification of Acceptance: March 1, 2024
  • Conference/Exhibition Dates: June 16-18, 2024


Contact Information:

For inquiries and additional information, please contact Christine Daigle (cdaigle@brocku.ca) and/or Ralph Mercer (mercer.ralph@gmail.com).

To submit your proposal: postrnet@gmail.com (Please use “EPTC/PRI 2024 panel” as subject heading).


We look forward to receiving your innovative proposals and fostering a stimulating dialogue on our proposed theme. Join us in pushing the boundaries of human understanding in an age of technological transformation.

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