President’s Goals for 2017-2022

President Gervan Fearon’s 5-year goals were presented to the Brock University Board of Trustees and Senate in September, 2017.

  1. To foster, promote and advance a shared mission, vision and values for Brock University in collaboration with the Board and Senate;
  2. To foster student academic and professional success through improvements and advancements in student experience and engagement; academic programs and services; experiential and co-op education; and business and social entrepreneurial opportunities;
  3. To advance and promote Brock University as a leading comprehensive institution of choice for students to conduct their studies and learning, research, and professional development; for faculty and staff to engage in their teaching, research, scholarly and creative activities; and for communities and stakeholders to establish partnership and collaborative initiatives;
  4. To advance Brock University’s role and contribution to Indigenous education and community engagement in alignment with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and in consultation with the Brock University’s Aboriginal Education Council;
  5. To support the values of the University and its role and responsibilities as a public institution within the post-secondary education sector in fostering equity, diversity and inclusion; human rights; sexual violence prevention and campus safety; and anti-discrimination;
  6. To advance, support and promote Brock University as a national comprehensive university and internationally recognized institution through its teaching and learning; research, scholarly and creative activities; innovations and knowledge dissemination; community engagement and contributions to regional social, cultural and economic development; and
  7. To strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of the university and its long-term financial sustainability in providing and promoting: (a) excellence in its academic programs and services for meeting the needs of students and communities; (b) advances in research, scholarly and creative activities as well as innovation for meeting the needs of communities and society at a provincial, national and international level; and (c) leadership in academic programming and services; research, scholarly and creative activities, and innovation as well as institutional and partnership initiatives for advancing and distinguishing the brand and reputation of Brock University as a leading post-secondary educational institution amongst peer comprehensive universities within the Canadian context.