Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

CPI offers a certificate program for TAs interested in attending a series of workshops.

Teaching Assistants at the 2016 reception

For the year CPI is offering a workshop program which allows TAs to complete the following certificates:

  • Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (6 credits),
  • Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (8 credits),
  • Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (16 credits and a statement of teaching philosophy), and
  • The Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum (a self-directed program of professional development whose components together reflect growth as a facilitator of student learning, documented through a teaching dossier).

Certificate in teaching and learning in higher education

Certification requires participation in 8 workshops offered throughout the year. Undergraduate TAs can also apply their certificate towards the Experience Plus Program, offered through Career Services. For additional information contact Pauline Dawson pdawson@brocku.ca or ext. 4414

Advanced Certification requires achievement of the general certificate and participation in an additional 8 workshops, along with submitting a statement of teaching philosophy.

Although all Brock TAs are invited to attend any of the workshops offered throughout the year, TAs who complete any of the Certification Programs, are presented with their certificates at the TA Reception, hosted by the Vice President Academic and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at the end of the academic year. TAs earning the Advanced Certificate are also invited to participate in Faculty workshops.

Benefits of participation in the TA Certification Program

  • Gain practical hands-on strategies for dealing with potential problems in seminars and labs.
  • Gain critical information on how to promote a positive learning environment
  • Learn creative techniques for planning effective seminars
  • Become skilled in marking and how to apply these practices to essays. seminars and labs.
  • Meet and share ideas with TAs from other disciplines.
  • Learn effective strategies for fostering a climate of diversity
  • Gain success in time management through time saving suggestions
  • Obtain practical strategies for helping your students to study effectively
  • Document your commitment to teaching and learning – a certificate provides evidence of your professional development.

certificate in online teaching and learning in higher education

CPI is now offering a certificate program focused on online teaching and learning in higher education. Interested TAs can participate in a series of workshops delivered through a variety of synchronous and asynchronous activities.

The Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning in Higher Education requires participation in 6 workshops from the Online Teaching and Learning offering.

Participants in the Online Teaching and Learning workshops will benefit from:

  • Learning activities and content focused on the pedagogy of teaching and learning online
  • Gain information about how to support the development of a positive online learning community
  • Opportunities to collaborate with colleagues on strategies, challenges, and techniques for online teaching
  • Gain experience working with online teaching tools available at Brock (e.g. Sakai, Microsoft Teams, and more)
  • Learn strategies for grading effectively and fairly in the online environment
  • Document your commitment to teaching and learning – a certificate provides evidence of your professional development.

For additional information about the TA certificate programs contact cpi@brocku.ca

For a listing of events, registration and information about how to access the workshop see https://cpi.brocku.ca/events/ 

Teaching Assistant Programming, Learning Outcomes, & Degree Level Expectations

Teaching and learning are part of academic life and one way teaching can enhance student learning is through the identification of what we want our students to do by the end of a class, a course, or following some form of professional development.

As part of the CPI’s Teaching Assistant (TAs) programming we have outlined these learning outcomes; that is, what we want TAs to KNOW, be able to DO, and VALUE after participating in our programming.

In the following document you will see that the learning outcomes for TA programming have been aligned with Graduate Degree Level Expectations (GDLEs).

CPI TA Programming Learning Outcomes & Graduate Degree Level Expectations Map