Turnitin.com is phrase matching a service that Brock University uses for students and instructors to promote integrity and work collaboratively on written assignments.

What Turnitin.com Does

  • Turnitin Originality Check: This service identifies papers containing unoriginal material. Here is a sample of the reports it can generate.
  • PeerMark Peer Review: This service gives students the tools to review and respond to their classmates’ work online using criteria customized by the instructor, tools not available in Brock’s other tools like Isaak, Brock University’s Sakai-Based LMS.
  • Grading Options

Instructors: Getting Started

Contact TurnItIn@brocku.ca to obtain an instructor account.

Turnitin.com has all the up-to-date information you need to create your account and administer assignments. If you are looking for someplace to start try the ‘New To Turnitin?’ button.

Instructors should make it clear that they intend to use Turnitin, for example in the course outline and in the description of assignments. Students should be given the option of not submitting to Turnitin. Brock University requires that students be given the option to declare that they do not want to use Turnitin in advance and submit revisions or drafts of their work in advance of the due date (or other similar accommodation). As per the faculty handbook, students with a principled objection must be offered an alternative: https://brocku.ca/university-secretariat/facultyhandbook/section3#_genIndex63

This video describes the basic set-up of a course for instructors that already have an account with Turnitin.com.

Instructor Video: Creating a Class from Turnitin on Vimeo.

Instructor Video: Creating a Class from Turnitin on Vimeo.

More help videos and demonstrations are available on the Turnitin Web Site.


Go to turnitin.com, create your account based on the information provided on the web site and add your course based on the Course ID and password your instructor has given you already.

Turnitin also has a guide for students about how to submit a paper and provides this video:

Student Video: Submitting a Paper from Turnitin on Vimeo.

Student Video: Submitting a Paper from Turnitin on Vimeo.

More about Academic Integrity

Individuals interested in Turnitin.com may also be interested in Brock University’s Academic Integrity website.