Social media

Brock University instructors and students are teaching and learning at many locations across the web.

This includes encouraging an active role for students in online components of courses found in Brock University’s own Sakai-Based LMS, it’s wiki server, or tools that are co-managed by Brock and others, like iTunes U, and sites that teachers and learners involve in their learning, like blogs, facebook groups, and and Twitter tags.

Instructors are welcome to explore these new technologies, but are asked to keep in mind The Brock University Faculty Handbook, students’ rights as outlined in the course calendar, and be to respectful of Brock’s obligations under theĀ Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Most of this is summarized by Brock University Marketing and Communications Guidelines for Social Media.

For any faculty or staff members who wish to establish and maintain an official Brock social media presence, please complete the Social Media Strategy Form, designed to help you develop a strategy for best results.