Designing Online Assessments

Session one for Designing Online Assessments for Academic Integrity was not recorded but you can find many of the resources referenced and the presentation slides on this page.

Designing Online Assessments for Academic Integrity is a four part series of workshops designed to facilitate embedding principles of academic integrity into the structure of assessments.

The following webinar is a helpful resource to consider what authentic assessment can look like in your course.

International Center for Academic Integrity: Going Remote With Integrity 2.0: Technological Tips & Techniques

Session 2 Recording

Forums, MC Tests, Video/Audio

Session 3

Take-Home Exams, Peer Evaluation, Reflective Papers

Session 3

Note taking, Mind Mapping, Research Papers/ Essays

Additional Resources & References

Sakai Tool Help Pages and Instructions

Tests & Quizzes

Assignment tool

Student Video Presentations

Student Audio assignments

Interaction & Collaborative Tools